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Hollywood actresses influence women dressing and fashion in the United States,  and the same goes for men this is a strong reason why the population in America are preferring gold jewelry to fashion themselves. As gold jewelry continues to become popular among the typical American population, it’s always a challenge for retailers to maintain the market stable, with reasonable prices and innovative jewelry designs.

When buying jewelry of pure gold can often cut down your customer’s pockets, 18k  jewelry can be a reasonable option for your customers. The customer can benefit a lot if opts to buy 18k gold plated jewelry, as it’s more affordable and durable when compared to jewelry made of pure gold.

The low risk and good profit margin features make 18k gold-plated jewelry a perfect candidate for jewelry marketers and retailers. If as a retailer you are on the hunt for some quality 18k gold plated jewelry wholesale, then you are in the right place. Nisso & Co is the leading 18k gold plated jewelry wholesale provider in the USA, operating in the market successfully for the past 30 years. Nisso & Co is one of the finest gold-filled jewelry wholesalers in nyc  providing 18k gold-filled jewelry wholesale to retailers at reasonable prices.

Dominating the US market for the past 30 years, Nisso & Co today is the leading 18k gold jewelry wholesale provider in NYC and across the USA. Here are some of our top-selling 18k gold plated jewelry for you.

Top Advantages Of Our Products

For retailers, it’s always a challenge to find a good jewelry wholesaler that charges reasonable prices and top quality products to the retailers wholesale.

Nisso & Co provides premium quality gold plated jewelry wholesale for retailers, covered with 3 layers of pure 18k gold, mixed with copper and steel our team uses state-of-the-art jewelry-making and designing technology. The thickness of the gold can be felt just by touching it with bare hands, our gold plates reflect quality and purity, a jewelry material that can last for 4-5 years if managed with proper care. We are the leading 18k gold plated jewelry wholesale provider in the United States.

Our team is blessed with the most skilled jewelry designers in the world, molding and shaping gold into state-of-the-art designer jewelry is the uniqueness we possess as a team. We have an efficient production line, promising quick delivery of your orders, further maintaining all the gold standards with a promise of quality. Nisso & Co are leading 18k gold-filled jewelry wholesale in NYC.

Best Selling | Gold Plated Bracelets

Bracelets look attractive on every American skin, it’s also a sign of love and devotion, used as a gift in many engagements and marriages or just for looking more glamorous. At Nisso & Co we have the best 18k gold plated bracelets for men and women, available wholesale. Shining and glittering to the eyes our 18k gold plates reflect quality, with lustful gold plated bracelets you can as a retailer attract your customers.

Best Selling | Gold Plated Earrings

Ears & Rings are a perfect company for each other, women in the united states are captivated and desired for wearing stylish earrings, a gold earring just adds most beauty and style to the American women. Our 18k gold plated earrings are one of the most attractive and eye-catching pieces of the show available wholesale, with a wide range of earring designs available at very reasonable prices for the retailers.

Best Selling | Gold Plated Necklaces

As a retailer, it is often a challenge to find an 18k gold necklace wholesale provider in NYC or in any other city in the USA.

Nisso & Co are specialized in crafting 18k gold plated necklaces, with the most stylish designs. Our necklaces are made from state-of-the-art cutting & designing software and then molded to perfection through various modern tools and the skilled goldsmiths’ team of Nisso & Co. We have a wide range of gold plated necklaces available in our store in NYC and also the designs are available in a bulk on our online platform from where you can choose to buy.

Leading 18k Gold Plated Jewelry In the USA

The fashion in the US is taken a turn, as more men and women are today fond of wearing gold plated jewelry than ever before. As a retailer finding a reasonable 18k gold plated jewelry wholesale provider can work wonders for you, help to gain good profits, and charge customers reasonable prices for gold jewelry.

Nisso & Co are the best 18k gold plated jewelry wholesale providers based in NYC, with more than 30 years of operation in the gold jewelry wholesale market, we are the most repeated jewelry wholesale brand in the USA providing a wide range of designer jewelry to retailers. Customized jewelry designs and unique jewelry designs all are available at Nisso & Co, just you have to place an order with us and our team will make sure to execute it. So feel free to connect to Nisso & Co for the best jewelry wholesale in NYC & across the USA.

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