Why is my car insurance expensive?


Car insurance is a reflection of you. It depends on the coverage you choose, your driving history, your credit, where you live, and the make, model, and type of car you own. However, your car insurance may be more expensive than the average price detailed above for a few main reasons. let’s start.

Driving record

If you’ve been driving like you were Mario Andretti or Lewis Hamilton since the age of 16, clipping apexes and accruing a gallery’s worth of speeding, reckless driving, and moving violations, then your car insurance is going to reflect such…habits. The author speaks from teenage experience that he’s since apologized to his parents for.

Likewise, having a history of an accident, or just having an accident, can cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket because your insurance company will see you as a greater risk than everyone else. DUI has a huge negative impact on your insurance, and in some cases, it can actually void your insurance.

Make, model, type of car

What? ! Would you tell me a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport would your insurance rates be higher than a Honda Ridge ?! Perot why they! While this comparison may be beyond the realm of most people, it’s a good one Examples of how the make, model, and type of car affect your premium.

Sports cars, luxury cars, supercars, and rare cars all command higher premiums because of their faster behavior, equipment, price tags, and rigorous engineering.


Your credit history, good or bad, can also affect your insurance premiums. People with good credit will be more financially stable and have lower premiums. Bad credit is the opposite, as shown above.


Where you live can also affect your insurance premiums. Cities, high-crime areas, or commuter centers will all increase your premiums, while smaller towns and locations with shorter commuting distances will decrease.

If you live in an area with a natural disaster like a tornado or hurricane, your premiums may also increase due to the mother’s natural draw for riding.

How to lower car insurance?

There isn’t a tried and true way to reduce your car insurance bill because your specific coverage, driving history, location, car type, and ultimately other variables all play parts in the final financial charge. The drive can only offer a few different options to start lowering your premiums or reducing your monthly bill. Let’s dig those.

Don’t drive like a race car driver

If you get a speeding ticket every six months, you need to calm down. Trespassing violations will increase your insurance premiums because your provider will put you at higher risk than someone who obeys all traffic laws. Cool and save your super track or auto group course.

Do not drink or drugs and drive

Duis and DWIS can lead to massive insurance spikes or complete ineffectiveness. Not only that, but this is colossal stupidity, very dangerous, and totally selfish. Do not drink or drugs and drive. period.

shopping insurance

One of the easiest ways to lower your car insurance costs is to shop. By looking at your current insurance competitors, you may find another company with a bigger discount that will offer you a more attractive exchange rate, or a lower premium for maintaining your specific coverage. Don’t be afraid to reach out to some different brokers.

Choose a higher shirk

When choosing coverage, you can also choose a higher deduction discount to lower your monthly cost. By doing this, you increase the amount of your out-of-pocket bill in the event of an accident. There are pros and cons to this, and if the worst happens, not everyone will save a few thousand dollars.

wrap your policy

If you’re a homeowner or even a renter, you can bundle your home and rental insurance with your auto insurance, reducing your total monthly payment. Sometimes family discounts are also offered.

Find discounts

Most insurance companies offer discounts, whether it’s new drivers, good drivers, drivers with good credit, military vets, and others. You can scroll through your insurance provider’s website and find all the discounts you’re eligible for.

Reduce coverage for older cars

Old cars aren’t worth them when you drive them out. Therefore, your coverage may have expired compared to the value of the car. Use a resource like the Kelly Blue Book to do a little research on a car’s value to see if it’s worth what you pay for your insurance. If there is a difference, you can reduce your insurance to better match the value of the car.

What is the cheapest car insurance?

The cheapest insurance you can buy is the minimum required by your state. This is usually only liability insurance, and we recommend not that we can’t cover it properly in the event of an accident.

It will also vary by pricing based on the factors and variables detailed above as well as the insurance provider and discounts available. Do your homework, shop, and make sure you’re properly covered when the fate of the day is in hand. 

By Master James

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