Choose your best course to make your career well in the many specialized fields to attain goals.

distance education

These days distance education has become the most popular course in  India. With distance education, the students can work either somewhere else, if they cannot pay for a regular class.

  • B.C.A
  • Bachelor of Law
  • Hospitality management studies
  • Bachelor of business administration
  • Bachelors of journalism and Mass communication
  • Masters of science in applied psychology
  • Masters of commerce

The various popular courses are here under L.P.U, which is one of the most reputed universities offering various courses.


The core business program covers all areas of business and is most relevant to management analysis and strategy. The core courses cover various areas of business such as

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human resource operations

The various elective courses in distance education also cover this mode.

2. Human resource management

Human resource management is a more demanding course these days.  This course helps an organization to attain maximum employee performance in service of an employer’s objectives. Hence it works management of people within an organization and helps to work under policies and system approach.  HR also helps in organizational control with better industrial relations.


 It is a 3-year degree course that helps students to learn basic computer languages and helps to work better on software. It provides very vast and better career options once you complete the course. Students can attain this distance education mode to attain this degree.

LPU distance education courses

 These courses are really significant to make your career a better one.  Visit here to get more info.

4  Bachelor of education :  (B.ed):

( B.ed)  is an undergraduate professional degree specially designed for the student if you want to work as a teacher.  These days to work in school and institutions, it is required a(  B.ed)degree as a core eligibility to work in this profession.  After obtaining this degree, the student can become eligible to work in various secondary and higher secondary schools in India.  It is a two-year course to gain your degree.

5  Bachelor of Law:

It is an undergraduate degree in three courses in Law.  It gives you the title degree as  Bachelor of Laws. (L.L.B)/ B.L) Hence with this optimum degree, you can work as a lawyer or work in related organizations.

These are a few L.P.U distance education courses that you can choose accordingly.   You can visit here to get more information regarding the desired course to be done. Moreover, you can achieve specialization in the course you choose. In this way, you can complete your education through the medium of distance education.   Now with eas3e and flexibility, you can achieve higher education. Now there is no need to leave your current job.  When L.P.U is there. These courses increase your self-esteem as well. You can apply for any organization to achieve a good job in the future.    This pandemic teaches us how we can study very well through the medium of distance education. When L.P.U is there. These courses increase your self-esteem as well. You can apply for any organization to achieve a good job in the future.

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