Ensuring the safety of cash services

 In the face of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Zhumadian City Central Branch of the People’s Bank of China has strengthened its responsibility and taken multiple measures to ensure the safety of cash services.

 Establish an emergency response mechanism. Since the start of the epidemic prevention and control war, Zhumadian City Central Branch immediately set up a leading group for epidemic prevention and control cash supply to study and formulate emergency cash supply by the “Detailed Requirements for Safeguarding Cash Supply Management During the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic” issued by the superior bank. Disposal plans, clarifying specific measures, and consolidating the responsibilities of all parties. The central bank’s currency, gold, and silver department communicate the work requirements of higher-level financial institutions to financial institutions through WeChat telephone, telephone, and other forms. Do a good job in the disinfection of personnel, vehicles, and places in the distribution warehouse area, and purchase supplies such as disinfectant water, disposable medical masks, and gloves to ensure operational protection. Business handlers wear masks, check their body temperature, make Reasonable arrangements according to the commercial bank’s reservations on the day, and handle business in different periods to reduce personnel gathering; Masks are not allowed to enter, and people with abnormal body temperature are not allowed to enter” “three nos” measures. At the end of each day, the distribution warehouse area will be disinfected in an all-round way, and the business management personnel will change clothes in time and disinfect the clothes.

 Enhanced killing to ensure safety.

The Central Branch of Zhumadian City guides and urges all banks in the area to purchase disinfection equipment and protective equipment, and regularly disinfect the office space and related equipment to ensure the safety of the working environment and personnel; strengthen the cash preparation and payment of outlets and self-service equipment, and extend the interval between adding and transferring cash. Time to ensure sufficient supply of cash at business outlets and self-service equipment; implement a flexible working system, remind the masses to handle related businesses through mobile banking, and provide related convenient services; ensure that all cash paid is original and new coupons and the returned cash is strictly sterilized, In particular, hospital cash is stored separately at the same time as disinfection, and the cash received by the outlets is uniformly handed over to the cash center for sorting and disinfection, and cannot be paid directly to the outside world. The cash center of ICBC Zhumadian Branch extended the holiday during the Spring Festival, strengthened cash monitoring at outlets and self-service teller machines, and carried out 3 times of money transfers and ATM cash addition and clearing, with a total of 31 million yuan in cash transferred.

 Improve the quality and efficiency of cash services. Under the guidance of Zhumadian City Central Branch, the city’s banking financial institutions strengthened their service awareness, improved the quality and efficiency of cash services, and received a good social response. On February 1, the Bank Card Center of ICBC Zhumadian Branch responded to the urgent request of the Red Cross Society of Zhumadian City and completed the documentation, installation, and testing of POS equipment in a short period. “Bank e-Payment” system. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, all business institutions under the jurisdiction of ICBC Zhumadian Branch have activated emergency plans 27 times and handled the allocation of social security fund financial accounts, work-related injury insurance management allocations, non-tax income paid by the Municipal Red Cross Society, epidemic prevention funds allocated by sub-district offices, The Organization Department of the Party Committee at the highest level allocated various financial services such as party dues, hospital payment for the purchase of medical equipment, and station allocation of refunds, and other financial services, such as fund transfer, cash collection and payment, and remittance. On February 12, a supermarket in Xincai County, Zhumadian, which was responsible for supplying people’s livelihood, needed to make cash deposits. The Xincai County Sub-branch of Bank of China responded quickly. The cash of 1.1 million yuan in the supermarket has been counted and stored safely.

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