Essential CPAP Accessories You Can Find in Canadian Stores

CPAP Accessories

Living with sleep apnea especially when treating with the help of continuous positive airway pressure device and mask involves far more than a piece of equipment. There are various related accessories that can increase the comfort level during your therapy sessions and actually boost the effectiveness of the therapy and make the therapy more enjoyable. The various needs are well catered for by the various CPAP stores that are found in Canada with the following being some of the most essential accessories. Below is some of CPAP accessories that you can purchase from stores in Canada.

 CPAP Masks and Cushions

The mask is one of the most important elements of the therapy and the fit is crucial. Current CPAP stores in Canada have nasal masks, full-face masks, and nasal pillows among other types of the masks. Such stores usually stock many brands and many sizes, so that everyone can get a good fit. Also, available are the mask cushions that ensure comfort and tightness; these should be ordered frequently for efficiency.

 CPAP Tubing

The link between a machine and a mask is the tubing through which the pressurized air required gets delivered. Standard tubing is usually 6 ft long though other lengths to suit the required sleeping arrangements may be ordered. Heating with tubing is also possible, this will also minimize condensation and thus makes the environment comfortable. Canadian CPAP stores put different types of tubing as well as the required length for different people in their stores.

 Humidifiers and Water Chambers

CPAP machines always need to be used together with a humidifier since it helps to deal with sores and dryness in the airways. Supplementary or built-in humidifiers provide moisture into the air with the help of therapy and can be incorporated or used independently. Currently, there are different types of CPAP stores from which one can acquire a humidifier and/or water chamber for the device, and these brands include heated types. This means that distilled water should be used to avoid mineral deposits which may lead to the damage of the humidifier.


They are especially important for keeping the air clean and preventing dirt for build up on the CPAP machine. There are two main types: hygiene and non-hygiene, portable and non-portable, single-use and multi-use, and shared and non-shared made on the disposables include those that are disposable and reusable. It is recommended that disposable filters be changed every 2 to  4 weeks while for the reusable types, it ought to be cleaned every week and changed every 3 to 6 months. Canadian stores offering CPAP equipment offer various filters to fit the various models of CPAP equipment.

 CPAP Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning your CPAP equipment is very important for therapy and for promotion of your health. They are cleaning accessories such as wipes, sprays, and brushes which are used dependent on the CPAP parts that require cleaning including masks, tubing, and water chambers. There are devices that allow sanitizing of the equipment in one piece, for instance, using UV light, or activated oxygen – CPAP sanitizers. Some of the cleaning necessities for the easy cleaning of equipment, available in Canadian stores are as follows.

 Mask Liners and Strap pads

It continues to have mask liners and strap pads which make it comfortable to use. Mask liners minimize skin abrade and enhance the mask fit whereas strap pads avoid Marks and distress from head gear straps. These accessories are especially useful for those who have sensitive skin types of the face. Canadian stores that offer CPAP have different liners and pads that are meant to improve your comfort during the night.

 CPAP Pillows

 There are special pillows designed for use with masks and the tubing, and these enable the users to sleep in desirable positions. These pillows have good profiles and groves which ensure that the mask does not move or have any gaps. Canadian CPAP supplies vendors provide a variety of CPAP pillows depending on the sleep position of the user; side, back, or stomach.

 Travel Accessories

 To all business and leisure travellers out there, CPAP travel accessories are a must-have. There are conveniently portable travel-sized CPAP machines for easier handling and they are light in weight. Battery packs are kept in portable units so the therapy goes on even if power is not to be had. Carry-on cases are used in conveying your equipment from one location to another. Canadian CPAP stores have travel accessories to ensure that therapy during travelling is as comfortable as when you are at home.

 SW and DM Tools

Most of the present-day CPAP machines include tracking features that can be used to monitor your therapy. Numbers of current software and applications can help user and/or doctor to gain the particular report of its usage and make the proper changes if needed. The assistance tools are available in some CPAP stores throughout Canada, and the personnel assisting the patients will explain their proper application.

 Comfort Accessories

 Other comfort accessories like hose covers, chin straps, and earplugs contribute to the comfort of the therapy. Covers for the hoses prevent condensation, and noise is also minimized, the chin straps help in the aspect of mouth breathers as it keeps their mouths sealed. One can always use ear plugs if there is any auxiliary noise from the machines to make the night a quiet one. The comfort accessories are available in Canada at stores dealing in CPAP equipment and related products.


 There is a variety of necessary CPAP accessories in Canada ranging from those which increase the comfort of the therapy, make therapy more effective, and facilitate the process of cleaning and maintenance. These accoutrements range from masks and tubes to the humidifiers and cleaning materials and are very essential in enhancing the CPAP therapy. As you will see, it is possible to work with a trustworthy CPAP store Canada and get the appropriate accessories required to solve your problems and get optimal results from CPAP therapy.

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