Factors that affect the price of car insurance


Learn about the conditions that can alter the price of vehicle insurance and discover how to save according to the type of car and experience as a driver. If you are thinking of buying a car or you already have a vehicle, you have to pay special attention to the car insurance that you have already contracted or that you must contract in order to be able to drive with it. In this sense, it should be remembered that no driver in Spain can drive without car insurance in order.

Having the insured vehicle could be equivalent to having a valid driver’s license. And it is that, according to Spanish legislation, all vehicle owners must have valid insurance that at least covers civil liability. The law makes no distinction between vehicles that are used more or less, being the same obligation for all of them.

At Hello Auto we do, through our innovative insurance Hello Auto-Flex, which is the ideal option for drivers who drive less. In this way, the price and the insurance contract are adapted to the use made of the vehicle, with a key idea: if you drive little, pay less than ever on your insurance.

Save on the price of car insurance: what conditions affect

It is necessary to know in depth all the characteristics that can raise or lower the money that we will pay to insure our vehicle. At Hello Auto we present some of the factors that most affect policies. 


driver’s age

The price of insurance can increase substantially if the insured driver is under 25 years of age. This is because traffic statistics usually indicate that the ages between 18 and 25 have more accidents than other age groups. 


Age on the driving license

The driver’s experience is valued very positively at the price of insurance. Thus, the more time with the driver’s license, the less we will pay in our policy. In addition, Hello Auto also rewards good drivers through its Hello Auto Smart insurance, with great savings for those who comply with the rules and contribute to greater road safety. 


Claim history

In addition to the time with the license, how your career as a driver has been could also be assessed when establishing the price of your car insurance. In other words, if you have been a good driver you will have greater savings than those who have accumulated fines or accidents during their experience on the road. 


vehicle features

The peculiarities of the vehicle are another factor that can affect insurance. Thus, the brand or model can pose an extra risk of theft, the power, and type of vehicle are understood as a greater risk in terms of safety and the age of the car can lead to greater problems, among other points that are taken into account. 


Have the car parked in a garage

Having the car in a garage can benefit your insurance. This fact reduces the damage that the vehicle can suffer due to weather problems. And, in addition, it supposes greater security against vandalism or possible theft. For these reasons, there are contracts that can lower or raise the amount of the car is in a garage or not

vehicle use

Finally, there is the frequency with which the car is used: if it is used sporadically for trips or weekends or if, on the other hand, it is used daily for a large number of hours. As we have previously mentioned, Hello Auto insurance does take this factor into account to reduce the price of insurance.

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