How much does an MRI breast scan cost without insurance? 2 Useful costs!

How much does an MRI breast scan cost without insurance? The price of a breast MRI scan test could be between 300 and 900 up to a thousand dollars without the help of an insurance company. I know how difficult it is to prepare for an exam. We are not talking about exams and tests done at school but about exams that are used to know if our body is still as healthy as it should be.

A test is required to determine the state of your body to diagnose you correctly and to allow your doctor to provide you with the appropriate medications. But how much would it cost to undergo an MRI breast screening if you don’t have insurance? Knowing about a breast MRI and its benefits and costs will be discussed in this article. So, if you’re confused as to why you need to get it and how much you should pay for it, it’s all right here.

Breast MRI

The use of MRI has helped many women detect breast cancer than the typical mammogram. Since MRI scanning is of a modern approach, of course, the price is not that cheap at all. A breast MRI is a type of test that uses magnets and radio waves to create a 3D image of the breast tissues after injecting a contrast dye. Breast MRI could show breast cancer density and detection. How does it work?

You will need to lie face down on a flat surface, then you will be placed inside a cylindrical pipe machine. The machine emits a strong magnetic field along with radio waves that produce 2D or 3D images to detect problems along the breast area. The magnetic field creates pulses of radio waves from the scanner, then aligns the atoms in your body to send signal waves. The signals will be received by the computer which in turn analyzes them and converts them into images.

Tips for getting the test

If your doctor has suggested that you do an MRI of the breast, then you should. Although there may be preparations before the test. Here are some tips and tricks before taking the test.

Phase 1. Follow the instructions of the radiologist or technician

Some tests would require a variety of diets and the like, but when it comes to breast MRI, no special diet is required. Even if you follow the direction of the technician just before the start of the test.

Step # 2. Tell the technician if you are uncomfortable

Some people have certain conditions that make them feel uncomfortable in tight, enclosed spaces. The condition is called claustrophobia. Since the MRI machine is narrow and long, you may have a problem if you suffer from claustrophobia. You may need to take some medicines before getting tested. That said, it won’t affect the test if you take medicine to relax the nerves while taking the test.

The technician will give you a tour of the scanner so that you can familiarize yourself with how the test goes. Remove anything made of metal before taking the test, you are required to remove your clothing to avoid any metallic material. This includes accessories and jewelry. If you have metal implants inside your body, notify the technician immediately.


Of course, your main problem is how much money should you spend on taking the test? You may have to fight hard, but here’s a comparison of the possible cost of the test.

# 1. Without insurance

How much does an MRI breast scan cost without insurance? Well, a test could cost up to a thousand dollars. So it would cost you a lot on your pocket. Knowing the price in advance will give you the advantage of preparing the right amount in due time.

#2. With insurance

I know most of us to want to save as much as possible. So having insurance during these times is an advantage. You will not have to pay up to a thousand and will instead have the expenses covered by the insurance.

MD save

I recently found this site where they compare the pricing of MRI scan test rates and weigh the right one for your budget. Their test cost $ 300 to $ 1,000. How does their service work? Well, you can go to their website on MRI Breast (s) with and/or without contrast. And write down the procedure and their preferred position. Local health care companies that offer breast MRI scan testing. Read here about Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

The cost of the treatment along with their location will be published. All you have to do is choose which price falls within your budget range.

After choosing from a number of choices, you can now purchase the service. The site allows you to pay through them or by calling their hotline number. You can also purchase the procedure and get an appointment made at the facility. Present the voucher that the site will provide you to take advantage of some discounts and benefits. I didn’t know that some of my relatives paid for their medical exams through this site and helped them with their expenses. So I recommend trying them to get the test as quickly as possible.


How much does an MRI breast scan cost without insurance? If you go through their site, you’ll have to spend between $ 300 and $ 900 per test. In my opinion, it is already a good price considering the discounts. Anyway, we also have an article here for you to read about how much an uninsured TB test costs. 

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