How much does Nissan NP300 car insurance cost?

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If there is one pickup on the market that has dominance, it is the Nissan NP300. Its popularity keeps this vehicle among the 10 best-selling cars in Mexico. It is the only one of its kind that is on the list of most compact cars.

What makes the Nissan NP300 so popular?

According to the analysis of different experts, the Nissan NP300 has in its favor a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that gives it the necessary power for almost any terrain. In addition, its design has earned it various compliments.

On its mechanical structure. For those who love speed, having a six-speed transmission will be a reason to want this vehicle. However, if automatic transmission is your thing, this version has seven speeds. Now, do you understand why the Nissan NP300 is so popular?

As if that were not enough since the 2018 version this vehicle reflects high technology, having a 7-inch screen, sound systems, and Bluetooth connectivity.

If what matters to you is knowing what the security level of this pick-up is, we will tell you. This truck has a system that allows traction control, which you will love if you travel on slippery roads. In addition, it has two airbags in the front, one for the passenger and one for the driver.

Why insure my Nissan NP300?

Unfortunately, not everything can be perfect. This is because insecurity is also a factor for this and other types of vehicles. For example, is that in the last three years car theft increased up to 50 percent. From April 2016 to March 2019, the theft of insured vehicles increased from 61,600 to 92,200 units, according to AMIS.

The worst thing is that AMIS itself revealed which are the sub-brands with the highest number of theft reports in the last year. Among them, the Nissan NP300 leads, with 5,874 units stolen. It is followed by the Tsuru with 5,687 and the Versa with 3,849. Then the Aveo with 2,813 and Kenworth trucks with 2,686 complete the list.

Importance of having auto insurance

In addition to car theft, another determining factor to invite you to take out car insurance is the medical and financial protection available to you. At ARCA we are committed to informing you that currently, the figures are not very flattering in this area either.

According to data from the National Institute of Public Health ( INSP ), Mexico ranks seventh in the world and third in the Latin American region in deaths from road accidents. Every day in our country 22 young people between 15 and 29 years old die. In total, up to 24,000 deaths are estimated on average per year. Car accidents are the first cause of death in young people between 5 and 29 years of age. And the fifth among the general population.

Given the unflattering numbers, having insurance gives you armor that can save you from serious problems:

Protection against damage caused

Bearing in mind that on average the cost of damage after a crash is around $30,000. And compensation in the event of a death is close to $3 million. Having insurance that protects you against these compensations could prevent you from financial ruin. And legal sanctions such as jail.

You protect your heritage

Taking as a reference the $264,300 that you could invest in the purchase of the most austere version of the NP300, insuring your car guarantees the recovery of a significant percentage of the value of your car. If you do not have insurance, your assets are lost.

Medical assistance

In addition to the material, in case you suffer an accident and this causes bodily injury to those who go with you. Having medical expenses included in your insurance could save your life and, incidentally, avoid financial bankruptcy.

Legal defense and legal advice

Legal assistance helps you in the event of a problem after being involved in an accident. Having the support of experts in case of legal assistance for an accident with your car will avoid major headaches.

How much does it cost to take out insurance for my Nissan NP300?

If you are already convinced to take out insurance for your Nissan NP300, we have good news for you. At ARCA we have an effective quoter that will give you options with the best companies in the market, at a promotional price.

Mapfre: $27,733.70 pesos

The friendliest option with your pocket is provided by Mapfre. With less than $30 thousand, you access broad coverage.

Mapfre offers the possibility of paying over 12 months without interest, with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Its coverage includes $1,000,000 in Civil Responsibility for Property and Persons, $2,000,000 in catastrophic RC, and 200,000 pesos in medical expenses for occupants.

HDI Insurance: $30,016.54

HDI Seguros is the second cheapest option to ensure an NP300 SE PAQ. The quote includes 3,000,000 pesos in combined RC.

You can pay in 6 or 12 months without interest, with any credit card.

HDI Seguros has grown a lot in a short time: in 2018 it was the fifth-largest auto insurer in Mexico.

Qualitas: $31,310.60

Quálitas is the most important and largest auto insurer in Mexico. In addition, in the case of this vehicle, it is the third-best option regarding price.

For 31,310.60 pesos you have access to extensive coverage for the PLATINUM LE 4P 2.5L 2WD 1.5 TON STD 5 OCCUP version.

You can pay with any credit card and access Quálitas’ coverage network throughout the country.

It has 3 million pesos in combined Civil Liability and 200,000 pesos in occupant medical expenses.

Chubb: $35,484.70

Chubb, this international insurance group is the fourth option to insure this car.

With a quote of $35,484.70 for the package ESTACAS NP300 DH 1.5T L4STD 2 DIS SA SE FABRIC SS. You can pay with any card.

With this policy, you have $3 million in combined Civil Liability and $200,000 in medical expenses for the occupants.

ANA Insurance: $42,812.43

For an annual price of $42,812.43, you get coverage of $3 million in combined Civil Liability. In addition, 200,000 pesos in medical expenses for occupants.

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