How Much Does Warby Parker Cost With Prescription?

Buying glasses can sometimes be a tedious task for which you have to arm yourself with patience beforehand. Hence, little by little, new techniques based on augmented reality are being developed to make it easier. Ikea has already used it in Ikea Place, an app that allows customers to get an idea of ​​how the furniture from the Swedish store would look in their home. Now, Warby Parker does the same thing, but with eyeglass frames.

The company pioneered its initiative to send customers five frames home for free to try on with peace of mind. Now, he goes a step further and wants the client to get a very real idea of ​​how any frame will look on him without having to leave his chair. And all thanks to the use of augmented reality and the technology of the latest Apple mobiles.

To do this, Warby Parker has released an update to its app that allows customers to try on different frames using augmented reality. That is, the app overlays predetermined images (in this case, the glasses) with real-life images (the user). In this way, the latter can see how different glasses fit on the mobile.

Although there were already other apps to try on glasses, Warby Parker is the first to use 3D to give an image that is as real as possible. To do so, she uses the smartphone’s camera and Apple’s Face ID facial recognition system, which uses 30,000 invisible points and an infrared image to create an accurate image of the face.

And it does it quite successfully. At least that is what a video of the company uploaded to Twitter reveals, where a client “tries on” different frames of glasses, which change automatically with a slight movement. Doing it is simple. Simply open the app, choose your mounts, and go to “Virtual Try-On” to open the front camera. Right at that moment, the glasses will adjust to the face and will stay there when you turn or tilt your head, showing them from different angles.

Using augmented reality to help customers with their purchases is not new to Warby Parker. As we said before, Ikea Places uses augmented reality so that customers can virtually “place” the furniture in their home and get an idea of ​​how it would look.

The Wanna Kicks app offers the possibility of trying on different sneakers thanks to the mobile phone and augmented reality, while Avametric presented in 2017 an app that allowed customers to try on clothes virtually, using an avatar that could be customized. body type.

I love discovering companies that show passion and commitment through the products they offer and the ideology they convey. A few weeks ago, I discovered the brand of glasses: Warby Parker.

This company has only been in the market for four years and its philosophy is that glasses should not be an expensive, inaccessible, and difficult-to-buy product. The owners think that the glasses, in addition to offering an avant-garde and innovative design, must have an affordable price.

With that idea in mind, they discovered that by producing and designing the lenses themselves, they could sell them directly to the consumer. And so by cutting out the middleman, they could lower the price considerably.

They only have stores in certain US cities in addition to offering them online.

Reading this made me wonder, how was I going to buy glasses online without first trying them on? Very easy, they offer a service called ” Home-try-on ” which consists of choosing five pairs of glasses online, they send them to your home for free, you have five days to try them on and choose your favorites, you return them all without shipping cost, you send them your prescription with the graduation you need and the glasses you chose, you pay and that’s it.

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