How to choose the right forklift?


First of all, you must know the machine’s usage needs to look for your ideal equipment.

Some questions can be asked:

  • How is the floor where the forklift will ride?
  • What are the measurements of the gates and places through which it will pass?
  • Up to what lifting height do you intend to operate?
  • How big is the space?
  • So, you need to see if, for your needs, the ideal would be a gas, electric or diesel forklift. This will depend on the answers above.

Subsequently, it is necessary to analyze whether you are going to choose between a new or used forklift.

Some advantages of buying a new forklift are the guarantee, the certainty of good conditions, better choice options and financing.

Lastly, you should choose a brand and model that you like.

They have several positive characteristics, such as load capacity, consumption, autonomy and durability, for example. It is interesting to research well.

What factors can compromise the autonomy of a gas forklift?
Several aspects can impair the autonomy of a gas forklift, the main ones being:

  • The bad condition of the gas cylinder;
  • The absence of inspection and maintenance;
  • Improper use of the forklift.
  • The bad condition of the gas cylinder can interfere with the autonomy of the forklift as it can cause leakage and waste of fuel. The lack of inspection and maintenance affects the autonomy of the machine since:
  • The use of LPG releases waste;
  • Parts wear out as they are used.
  • Impurities overload the filter and the gas reducer, compromising the forklift’s performance.

In addition, the wear and, consequently, the malfunction of the forklift components impact the performance of the machine.

In this sense, it is essential to carry out preventive maintenance periodically and visual inspection at the beginning of each work shift. For Second Hand Forklift Click Here

Finally, the inappropriate use of the forklift impairs its autonomy as it is capable of causing the premature wear of the machine.

As an example of inappropriate use, we can mention the transport and lifting of a weight greater than the capacity indicated by the manufacturer.

How to avoid the risk of accident with gas forklifts?

To avoid accidents with gas forklifts, it is necessary to:

  • Carry out visual inspections before the start of each work shift;
  • Carry out preventive maintenance periodically;
  • Hire qualified employees to operate the forklifts;
  • Develop and disseminate a manual of good practices for the use of forklifts;
  • Supervise compliance with the rules;
  • Promote and enforce the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
  • Implement and guide on the proper use of Collective Protection Equipment (EPCs);
  • Operate gas forklift trucks preferably outdoors or indoors that contain oxycatalysts.
  • Visual inspections and preventive maintenance must be carried out so that problems are identified before they become worse.

For example, by pre-checking a forklift component for wear, it is possible to replace it with a new one.

In addition, in the event of a fuel leak, it will be possible to take appropriate safety measures to resolve the situation immediately.

Hiring qualified employees to operate a forklift and making them follow the rules for using the equipment is also essential to avoid accidents. This is because handling a forklift is a complex task that requires technical knowledge.

Only in this way is it possible to protect the safety of all employees, transported loads and the work environment.

The use of PPE also helps to avoid accidents, as this equipment is capable of providing protection and mitigating major health problems.

By Master James

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