How to furnish your beach house in 7 simple steps


How to furnish your beach house in 7 simple steps? Advice, ideas and projects designed for every room in the house. Make your beach house functional, beautiful and original with our 7 solutions.

Have you decided to buy a house by the sea? It’s everyone’s dream, and you are making it come true. Finally a place to spend the warm months of the year in absolute relaxation. But where to start to furnish it? Or you already own a beach house, but the decor is dated and you no longer feel pampered by the atmosphere.
Whatever the case may be, in approaching to furnish the house by the sea, a few things must be kept in mind.

Choose the style:

The choice of style is essential, because the furniture will recreate a certain atmosphere, and it must be a space, an energy that you like, that transmits serenity. After all, this is the place where you need to recharge for a new working year, so what surrounds you and how it makes you feel is very important.

In choosing the style, therefore, also follow your tastes but keep in mind that environments with dark, austere, or excessively classic furniture, do not adapt well to the houses of the seaside resorts. The style to be adopted must be light, give air to the house, let it breathe with soft colors in contrast with other more intense ones.

The coastal style is perfect for beach houses, absolutely not to be confused with the marine style. It is a style that recalls the shabby chic but which focuses a lot on nature, with the colors of the sea, the sunsets, the beach.

Choose the colors:

It is equally important to decide which should be the predominant color. The ideal is to combine soft colors with more intense ones, the contrast will avoid creating a monotonous environment, giving much more energy and dynamism to the whole.

The intense shades of blue and the emerald shades of green that recall the colors of the ocean and the typically clear summer sky are definitely to be preferred. Here are some tips to remove bad smell from the home

Choose your furniture carefully:

Generally one is led to think that a house by the sea, being a home that is lived in for a few months a year, does not deserve an in-depth research in the choice of furniture.

It is true, the house by the sea is less lived in, but the furniture will have to last over the years, and precisely because it will lack the daily maintenance that those of a first home have, solid, quality furniture will be chosen, so that you can feel comfortable. which do not suffer damage in your absence, which do not absorb moisture in the winter months, for example, becoming fragile and prematurely old.

So you will have to look for furniture of a certain quality, and you will find it for all budgets, just make wise choices.

As for aesthetics, light wood is preferred in beach houses, which gives light to the rooms and does not weigh them down. Dark furniture is absolutely to be avoided.

Organize the kitchen

The kitchen is a separate choice. However, this is a demanding expense, and, as with furniture, it is generally thought that a cheap, poor quality kitchen would be good for the beach house. After all, you tell yourself, how much will you ever be able to exploit it? It will definitely last longer! Well, that’s not the case at all.

A kitchen, to last over time, needs daily cleaning, specific treatments for wood, if this material is present. It needs to be lived. A kitchen that remains unused and neglected for 11 months a year cannot possibly be of poor quality.

Appliances that have been standing still for a long time, if of little value, may not even turn on again when you return. Then you should think about spending a little higher, but that you will amortize over time with a kitchen that you will not have to replace for many years.

The fabrics:

The fabrics can represent a piece of furniture, for example to cover sofas or even hung on the wall as a decoration.

Choose natural materials, to create continuity with the surrounding environment, then make room for linen, even raw, jute, pure and white cotton.

The light points:

Do not forget to pay particular attention to the light points, they are essential to create the right atmosphere and to give a touch of elegance and refinement to the whole. You can also choose lamps that recall marine life forms, such as coral or some spectacular plants.

But also choosing clean, simple lines can be a winning move, the important thing is to create continuity with the furniture.

The outer space:

Very often the houses by the sea have very characteristic outdoor spaces, ideal for spending relaxing evenings outdoors, taking advantage of the cool. The choice of outdoor furniture is huge, but choose furniture that is not too difficult to transport since at the end of the holidays you will have to store it indoors.

Buy sun loungers too, in case you want to stay in the sun at home for a few hours instead of going to the beach. And don’t forget a swing, it is essential for relaxing summer evenings!

To illuminate your outdoor space, choose non-invasive lighting. So no to headlights, street lamps or spotlights, but country-style lanterns and lights that will really give a dream atmosphere.

By Master James

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