How to Get AWS Training in India 


It’s not just young entrepreneurs who can benefit from free AWS training courses. Anyone with an interest in learning more about AWS can take advantage of the many free resources available online, including webinars, lectures, and interactive labs where you can practice concepts and get help from on-the-spot AWS certified instructors. In this guide, we’ll walk you through your options for getting AWS training in India so you can stay up to date on the latest technology trends and best practices that can help you become a more effective developer or IT professional at your job or in your own startup endeavors. 


Where can I take the AWS certification course? 

There are a number of places you can learn about AWS. AWS hosts training courses at locations around the world, and many companies offer courses at their headquarters or on-site. You can also self-study using online videos and documentation (though note that they’re not as well-suited for hands-on experience). The best place to find AWS training is by Googling aws training with your city or country as a modifier. Alternatively, you could use Udemy, Coursera, or Skilljar; the latter two focus specifically on technology skills. Once you’ve found a course that fits your interests and budget, see if it comes with any AWS certifications attached; that way you’ll get a discount for taking both at once. 

Who provides AWS training? 

Providers of technical skills training fall into one of three categories: self-learning, instructor-led, and certification. Self-learning means students can study online at their own pace, while instructor-led means students receive face-to-face instruction at a brick and mortar school. AWS training is available through both self-learning and instructor led formats. 

AWS certification training curriculum 

According to Amazon, The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Level will validate your ability to design and deploy scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant solutions on AWS. You will learn how to make architectural tradeoffs based on requirements for security, availability, scalability, and latency. The course is 30 hours of video instruction that covers topics including Security Best Practices; Cloud Design Patterns; Elastic Load Balancing; Networking (VPC); and much more. There’s also a 15-hour instructor-led training class that costs $995 but includes an exam voucher (which you can use once you’ve passed). The self-paced format means you can watch videos at your own pace while asking any questions live via web chat with an expert trainer. 

Which are the best ways to learn AWS? 

If you’re looking for AWS training, there are plenty of options. You can opt for self-paced coursework, bootcamps, one-on-one lessons or a combination of all three. Whichever path you choose depends on your time constraints and goals. To learn more about what each option entails, see our breakdown below. 

Where can I find good AWS training material? 

A great place to find a range of useful AWS training material is over at Udemy. It’s like YouTube for AWS videos, except everything is free and there are no annoying ads. Take a look at my course – it has 20 lessons on key topics such as S3, EC2, VPCs, AWS Lambda and others. The course isn’t aimed at helping you pass an exam; instead I cover exactly what you need to know about each service so that you can quickly get started with your own projects without worrying about how each of them works separately. 

What is cloud computing? 

Understanding cloud computing can be quite a challenge, but it boils down to a couple things: i) storing your data remotely and ii) accessing it via an Internet connection. For example, if you host your website on a web server that is owned by someone else, you’re using cloud computing. If you store pictures and videos on Google Drive or Dropbox, that’s also cloud computing. To learn more about cloud computing and what it could mean for your business, start with What is Cloud Computing? You can also follow AWS Educate for updates about upcoming training opportunities in locations around the world. 

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