How to obtain an insurance certificate?

When you take out an insurance contract, you receive an insurance certificate. In addition to serving as proof, this document can carry out several administrative procedures. This guide reviews the different insurance certificates you can obtain and details their main characteristics.

How do I obtain a home insurance certificate?

What is the home insurance certificate used for?

The home insurance certificate is proof of your home insurance. You will receive this document when you take out your contract.

What is the usefulness of the home insurance certificate for a tenant?

If you are a tenant, the owner may request the certificate to prove that you are well covered against any damage and rental risks. Note that you may be required to present this proof of address on each anniversary date of the signing of your lease.

How to request the certificate of housing insurance from the tenant?

If you are a lessor, you can request a home insurance certificate from the tenant by registered letter acknowledging receipt.

To send your mail, you can use our interactive sending service. Each letter is sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. How does it work? All you have to do is choose a letter template and customize it. Once your letter has been validated, it will be picked up by the Post Office and then hand-delivered to your recipient.

What information is provided in the home insurance certificate?

The home insurance certificate includes the following information:

  • The contact details of the insured and the insurer
  • The characteristics of the insured’s place of residence (area, number of rooms, address, etc.)
  • The dates of the home insurance contract
  • The guarantees of the housing insurance contract 

How do I receive an auto insurance certificate?

What is a car insurance certificate?

When you take out a car contract, the insurance company provides you with two documents: the insurance certificate or green butterfly and the car insurance certificate, also called a green card.

The car insurance certificate provides the contact details of the insured. For example, you may be asked for it during a roadside check.

If you do not have your green card with you in case of control, you risk a fine of 150€. This penalty can reach €750 if you do not go to the gendarmerie or the police station to present this document within five days.

If you still have no answer, you will have to contact the mediator of your insurance company, whose contact details are indicated in the general conditions of your contract. This is the last step before considering any legal proceedings.

When is the certificate of a car contract sent?

The green card will be sent to you 15 days after signing your car contract. While waiting to receive this document, you will receive a provisional certificate.

If the insurance company is late in giving you the certificate, you can then send a letter of formal notice to your insurer by registered mail acknowledging receipt.

How to act in case of theft of the car insurance certificate?

If your insurance certificate is stolen, you must report its loss to the police station or the gendarmerie. You will be able to obtain a receipt to use your vehicle legally. You will then receive a duplicate of the green card by post within 15 days.

How to request the health insurance certificate

What is the role of the health insurance certificate?

The health insurance card is a document justifying your affiliation to Social Security. It will be helpful if you have lost your vital card or have not yet received it. This document may help you in the following situations:

  • When you see a healthcare professional
  • When your new employer asks you for supporting documents to validate your employment contract
  • When you take out health insurance
  • When you take out health insurance
  • When you enroll your child in a nursery or school

How to receive the health insurance certificate?

You have several solutions to obtain the health insurance certificate:

  • Download this proof online from your Ameli account
  • Print the certificate from an automatic terminal, which you will find at the reception of the health insurance organizations
  • Apply for a certificate from your health insurance fund if you are a student

What do I need to know about the school insurance certificate?

What does the school insurance certificate provide?

The school insurance certificate is a document issued by your insurer. It justifies that your child is covered by Civil Liability insurance or guarantee and individual accident insurance or warranty.

In which cases is the certificate of school insurance?

Although it is not compulsory, the school insurance certificate is nevertheless required in the following situations:

  • During school outings or optional language trips
  • To register your child for the canteen or daycare

What information can be found in the school insurance certificate?

The school insurance certificate indicates the following information:

  • The company name of the insurer and its contact details
  • Your insurance policy number
  • The school year during which the certificate is valid
  • The identity of the insured child
  • The list of guarantees taken out

The insurance certificate in 4 questions

What is an insurance certificate?

The insurance certificate is a document proving that you have coverage. It can be used to carry out many daily administrative procedures. It is mandatory for all insurance, except for optional contracts.

When do we receive the insurance certificate?

You will receive an insurance certificate when you take out your insurance contract.

How do I request an insurance certificate?

If you wish to obtain an insurance certificate, all you have to do is request it from your insurer by registered letter acknowledging receipt.

What to do in case of non-receipt of the green card?

Suppose you do not receive your green card (the auto insurance certificate). In that case, you can, in this case, send a letter of formal notice by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to your insurance company.

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