How to unclog a sewer pipe with Curves?


The clogged sewer pipe is a problem that bothers the lives of many people. This unpleasant situation harms the day of anyone who witnesses it, mainly due to the bad odor emitted. Knowing how to unclog a curved sewer pipe can go a long way in solving this problem.

To unclog the sewer pipe with curves, there are ways that say and are effective, some not so much. However, knowing what causes this problem helps in solving it.

Why do curved drain pipes clog?

  • Pouring cooking oil in the sink can influence the clogging of the sewer pipe with bends. This happens because the grease hardens when it reaches the pipes, preventing water and other waste from passing through properly, causing the clog.
  • Eliminating food leftovers in places that have access to pipes can influence this type of problem. This is because foods have a fat content that settles on the sides of the plumbing, making it difficult for water and other waste to pass through.
  • Throwing hair in the toilet, sink, bathroom drain, also cause clogging. It occurs because the threads form a type of web, something that prevents or makes it difficult for water and other waste to pass through.
  • Dumping personal hygiene items (toilet paper, tampons, cotton swabs, dental floss) can cause this type of clog. This episode occurs because, taking the absorbent as an example, it is composed of cotton and plastic, making it a difficult mass to dispense. Even so, there is dental floss, which, when dispensed in places that have access to pipes, causes a kind of net, which makes it difficult for waste to pass through.
  • Not having a cleaning routine can help with clogging. Cleaning the drains, sinks, sinks decreases the chance of this problem occurring.

How to unclog a sewer pipe with curves?

There are actions that help to know how to unclog a sewer pipe with curves. These can be very effective. Some of the solutions that can solve the problem caused mainly by fats are:

  • Pour detergent and hot water into the sink. For this it is necessary that it is completely dry and without water inside the pipe. After checking this, pour in the detergent and after a few minutes pour the hot water. Detergent has the potential to break down grease particles, cleaning the plumbing.
  • Pour hot water and bicarbonate. To use this medium, it is necessary to pour the bicarbonate into the pipe and then pour hot water. It is necessary to wait for the action of this mixture for a few minutes and then add more water to push out what is clogging. You can substitute hot water for hot lemon juice, something that can help even more.
  • Baking soda and vinegar. To use this medium, it is necessary to use two spoons of bicarbonate inside the pipe, and then throw the vinegar, after that it is necessary to cover with a cloth. After that, wait about twenty-five minutes and pour hot water into the pipe.
  • If by chance the clog needs a little more force, you can stick a hose through the pipe, trying to use the water pressure itself to eliminate the grease. Broom handles or iron bars should never be used for this, as it can cause cracks or even cause the plumbing to break.
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