How Travel insurance works with a copay and without copay?


When contracting travel assistance, one of the concepts that generate the most doubts is that of travel insurance with a copay or deductible. In any case, understanding what it means will help you define which plan best suits your travel needs.

That is why we put together a brief but very useful guide on this type of coverage. Throughout the post, we will explain what the insurance deductible ishow it is used, and which travelers can benefit from co-payment coverage.

What is the insurance deductible?

The deductible, deductible, or copayment in travel assistance is the sum of money that a person must pay in the event that they have some type of accident or emergency during their trip. In other words, with co-payment insurance, a (minimum) part of the cost of the assistance service will be borne by the traveler.

Let’s imagine the following situation:

You are traveling abroad and have contracted coverage with a USD 200 deductible. During your stay, you sprain your ankle. The total cost of medical care, studies, and medications is USD 600. For your part, you will have to pay USD 200, which is the deductible of your plan. The remaining USD 400 will be paid by insurance.

Depending on the plan, type of trip, and the insurance company, the amount of the deductible or copay of coverage will vary. In any case, they are generally between USD 200 and USD 300 approximately.

Travel assistance with a copay and without copay

To provide a little more clarity, below we will tell you the main characteristics or differences between both types of insurance.

Travel insurance with copay is a type of service that is usually contracted by people who make more extensive trips abroad, such as cultural exchanges, work or study trips. In this case, they are travelers who want to be covered for any serious emergency, for example, surgery, especially if the destination they are traveling to has expensive private medicine.

Travel insurance without a copay, on the other hand, is a travel assistance plan that people who make short trips and vacations, of no more than a month, prefer to hire. Due to the characteristics of these trips, which are shorter and for enjoyment or relaxation, those who choose these plans value having everything covered and, in case of any emergency, no matter how minor, have immediate assistance without putting anything out of their pockets.

In terms of prices, coverages with copays are usually cheaper than those without copays. In any case, the cost will also depend on the length of the trip, the destination, and the company you hire, among other things.

How to identify on our website if assistance is with or without copay?

When you have chosen the ideal plan for your trip and you are about to make your purchase, you will be able to quickly and easily identify whether the insurance has a deductible amount or not.

Once you have made your insurance quote and you see all the travel assistance options available, each plan will show you a summary of what it includes (insured amount, coverage for lost luggage, etc.) and if it is insurance with copay (“Excess/Co-Payment/Deductible”).

You will also have this information available if you click on “See plan information”.

And good? Did this note help you understand what travel insurance with a deductible or copay is? We hope so!

If you are about to travel and want to hire travel assistance, with our quote you can compare different plans and insurance companies so that you can choose the option that best suits your trip.
By Master James

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