Importance of Arabic Language

Importance of Arabic Language

Importance of Arabic Language in 2022

Arabic is the language of the people of Arabs. This language is at least 1500 years old. Arabic is the most widely used Semitic Language and one of the most widely spreading languages globally, despite it being concentrated in the Arab World. In terms of the number of native speakers, Arabic takes fifth place behind the Mandarin, Spanish, English, and Hindi languages, respectively. Ya’rab is considered the father of the Arabic language. The justification for this is the simple fact that he is counted amongst the oldest speakers of the Arabic language.

Arabic is the “fourth” most spoken language in the world. According to Ethnologists, about 315 million people in 58 countries speak Arabic as their first language. Learning Arabic will help you stand out, as very few people from the West speak Arabic. Having command of Arabic will make you appear clever and sophisticated. Learning a language is learning about the country’s culture where the language is spoken. Arab culture is rich and too much interesting. Learning the language will enable you to read some famous classic literature. You will have the edge over the competition even if you are in the West. The demand for people fluent in Arabic is quite high. In fact, only a few people from the West attempt to learn Arabic Language. The secret services in the U.S. need people who are fluent speakers of the Arabic language.

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Arabic was chosen by Allah (SAW), and the Muslim holy scripture is written entirely in Arabic. Therefore, every Muslim must learn to read and speak Arabic, the language of the prophet, in order to be able to understand and interpret the word of “Allah” through prayer and reading the Quran. Allah chose Arabic as the liturgical language of Islam. Thus, the Quran, hadeeth, and all Islamic teachings were provided in the Arabic language. It was chosen out of all the languages in the world, used in the past, present, and future. This fact alone should suffice as a reason to learn Arabic, especially since this has been confirmed in the Quran that :

“Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran that you might understand.” This verse implies that Arabic was chosen as it is a language that every human has the capability of understanding. Further, it has qualities and features that make it unique compared to other languages. If Allah (SAW) had wanted to reveal the Quran in every language, he could have. However, He chose Arabic, and that is sufficient reason.


Arabic is the most important language to be learned. As this is the language mentioned in Quran to so it peaks its importance by itself. We all know that the year 2022 has its dreadful dark side, corona (one of the fast-spreading viruses). So, the whole study shifts to online. Not only schools’ educations are given, but also Islamic teaching is being taught online. The Arabic language is also guided online in this era. As it has great importance and it is also mentioned that it is the book of Allah, we need to learn Arabic also because Quran is in Arabic. If we learn Arabic, we can easily understand what Quran says, and if we act upon the words of the Quran, Allah will grant us a reward on the day of judgment.


Arabic language, because of its necessity for Muslims to understand the Islamic Legal Provisions in Qur’an and Hadith which are in Arabic and informed by Arabs thus to understand these sciences it is a must to learn Arabic to discern the meanings and benefits of Islamic. Thus it is important to learn the Arabic language.

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