Inquiries about insurance that cover damages from Covid-19 vaccines skyrocket

Inquiries about insurance that cover damages from Covid-19 vaccines skyrocket

A woman is vaccinated against covid-19 in the field hospital located next to the La Fe Hospital in Valencia this Tuesday, where people born between 1956 and 1957 have already been summoned, as well as other groups such as those over 80 years old. 

The uncertainty that the safety of some vaccines generates in the public has reached even the insurance distribution professionals. Since the beginning of March, the immunization process against Covid-19 has triggered inquiries about contracting insurance policies that cover the possible negative effects of the vaccine.

The representatives of the insurance mediation consider that this increase is due to the presumed consequences that some inoculations are having in certain people and that it has led several European countries to restrict its application or stop it totally or partially. Just yesterday, the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities agreed to temporarily suspend vaccination with Astra-Zeneca in those under 60 years of age after the final report of the European Medicines Agency, which has formally recognized the relationship between the Anglo- Swedish and unusual thrombus cases.

At the moment, despite the general exclusion in the event of a pandemic, many insurers are covering their own contingencies and those derived from Covid-19, without being obliged to. This situation creates some inconsistencies. Sources from the General Council of Mediators, which brings together the provincial colleges of insurance agents and brokers from all over the country, assure that “although the companies are doing a good job, coverage is not yet widespread and there is a great disparity of criteria between the different companies.”

The Autonomous Communities where there is a greater number of queries are Madrid, Catalonia, and the Valencian communities, with the age range between 50 and 65 years being the most concerned with this situation.

For the General Council, there is no doubt that “the contradictory information about vaccines is causing a situation of uncertainty that, together with fear about the impact of the pandemic on the public health system, has led to an exponential increase in contracting for Health”.

Due to the speed of the research process for the development of the vaccine, the pharmaceutical companies have stated that in the long term there may be unknown effects on health, and for this reason, they requested compensation for damages caused by adverse effects not identified, as revealed by the representative body of the mediators.

Faced with this situation, and to prevent European citizens from being left without a vaccine, the European Parliament decided to undertake the repair of these possible damages if they were to occur one day.


The WHO contracted an international policy against possible injuries

Last February, the World Health Organization (WHO) signed an agreement with the insurer Chubb, on behalf of the COVAX Mechanism, to launch a compensation program aimed at 92 countries with low and medium economies.

This program is the first and only compensation mechanism for vaccine injuries operating on an international scale. It offers people who meet certain requirements, a fast process to be compensated for serious adverse consequences related to the vaccines distributed by COVAX until June 30, 2022.

By offering a fixed sum of compensation without fault for the complete and definitive solution of any claim, “the COVAX Program seeks to considerably reduce the need to go to court, a process that can be long and expensive,” explains the mediators.

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