Insurance against stolen credit cards

Insurance against stolen credit cards

With the development of society, people pursue fast speed in everything. For example, they will carry credit cards with them when they travel and buy things. However, although this is fast, it will lead to the situation of credit card fraud. Faced with such a situation, there are already some Many insurance companies that have included the losses caused by the loss or theft of credit cards in the travel.

 What should I do if my credit card is stolen while traveling? In this regard, the insurance company said that at present, many insurance companies have included the losses caused by the loss or theft of the credit card in the travel accident insurance when the credit card is used overseas.

 “Travel insurance includes credit card protection. Credit card fraud protection is an additional part of some travel accident insurance, but many people don’t know it.” A staff member of an insurance company introduced that many travel accident insurance products on the market currently have credit cards. Lost or embezzled” is included. In addition, Zurich Insurance Company also stated that their company has also launched two additional insurances for business travel insurance: additional credit card death protection and accidental injury disability. Among them, the additional credit card body “Protection” means that when the insured dies due to an accident, the insured will pay the amount owed on the insured’s credit card up to the date of the accident, up to a maximum of RMB 100,000. Pay attention to exemption clauses when applying for insurance In addition to the actions of insurance companies to add credit card protection, people’s awareness of financial protection when traveling has also improved a lot. The relevant staff of Taikang Life introduced that due to a large number of incidents of credit card theft after traveling to Southeast Asia recently, many people have recently asked whether or not credit card protection is included when choosing travel accident insurance. From this point of view, products with credit card protection Should be better than ordinary products. “

 However, the person reminded that different insurance companies will set different exemption clauses. For example, some insurance companies stipulate that within the scope of their coverage, minors swiping cards are not included, while some insurance companies stipulate that Iraq, Libya, etc. The state is not covered by its insurance. Therefore, when purchasing must confirm whether the insurance coverage includes their own destination country. In addition, buying insurance does not mean that you can sit back and relax, and some details need to be paid attention to by tourists themselves. In the event of a robbery accident, you must immediately report to the customs, police, or other relevant departments at the place where the insurance accident occurred and obtain the accident certificate issued by them. If you encounter a bank card theft accident, remember to report to the police or other relevant authorities within 24 hours after the bank card is lost or stolen, and obtain the relevant written certificate to notify the issuer of the loss so that the claim can be completed. “

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