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How do you teach your children the online Quran teaching? Do you have to send them to the mosque with their father on Friday or do you just read it in Arabic or English at home? And how can you learn it yourself so that you can help your children learn it better? Qutor provides an online environment where children and adults alike can learn the Quran step by step, in Arabic and/or Urdu, while also learning how to read it with tajweed (pronunciation) rules. So whether you are just starting out or are looking to improve your own knowledge of the Quran, Qutor is here to help.

Why you should choose Qutor

Because we are online Quran teachers, and provide best online environment to study and learn with our tools step by step. We have built an amazing platform with collection of tools and apps that help you not only learn how to read Quran but understand its meaning as well. Our courses include how tajweed works along with full in-depth study of each verse in any surah (chapter) of Al-Quran. We also teach you how to say salah prayers from start till end, which words you should use during Salah and much more. What makes us better than others is that we are young Muslim brothers from Canada who understand your needs because we face them on daily basis too; however, we ensure quality delivery at all time hence no waste of time for anyone!

Features that make us stand out

4) A professional online Quran teacher. Every student is paired with a qualified expert who helps them learn Quranic Arabic in a step-by-step manner. Students can get in touch with their teachers via phone or email, allowing them to explain difficult concepts and ask questions about anything related to Quranic Arabic. This hands-on learning approach makes it possible for students to learn at their own pace and allows for close personal interaction between teacher and student that cannot be replicated by books or recordings alone. 5) Qitor’s online membership provides an all-inclusive educational experience that covers everything from reading and understanding of Quranic Arabic, listening practice, speaking practice, detailed instructions on correct recitation (tajweed), pronunciation exercises and more.

What makes us different from other websites

Qutor is one of a kind in terms of user experience and design. With our premium courses, we have provided both software and hardware tools that have been put together specifically for studying Arabic. Each course comes with lessons, worksheets, assignments, videos, downloadable tracks and certified exercises all created by teachers who have professional experience teaching Arabic across several cities in North America. Qutor also has new features like live classes where users can connect with their peers or Qutors (teachers) on video conference to discuss different topics related to quran memorization or recitation. Another unique feature is our real-time class scheduler that allows users access to scheduled classes anytime day or night with an online Quran teacher!

How to start learning on Qutor

Setting up an account is easy. Simply log on and follow a few quick steps. You can have a plan set in place for what you want to learn by visiting our Structure page. Once your account is active, it’s time to start using Qutor. Following are some ideas that will help you hit your goals

How much does it cost?

Qutor is free to use, but you’ll have access to a much more advanced interface and many extra features if you choose a paid subscription. Plans start at $8/month. Most users opt for a monthly plan, which runs $8 per month—very affordable when compared with other online tools like Rosetta Stone.

How can I pay?

For many parents, starting their children on a path of Islam is one of their most important responsibilities. But some may wonder whether there are differences between learning with a teacher and studying at home. While both scenarios come with benefits and drawbacks, it’s up to you and your child to decide which type of program makes more sense. Here are four questions you should ask yourself before signing up your child in an online Quran teaching for kids  academy

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