Mice Control in Vancouver & Mice Attacks in the Fall/Winter

Mice Control

Have leaves started turning into beautiful shades of orange, red, and yellow in Vancouver? Have they started falling on the ground? You have started wearing a sweater and begun eating apple cider and pumpkin spice, but the problem is that mice have packed their bags to make their move and enter into your house. So you are desperately in need of mice control in Vancouver.

Why Do Mice Attacks Homes in the Fall and the Winter?

Whenever the temperature drops in Vancouver, then rodents like mice begin to attract towards the sources of heat and potential food. Unquestionably, they will find their ways to enter into your home through cracks in walls, open windows or doors, and pipes and vents. These tiny creatures can fit into the small openings, thus entering into homes is not much of a hassle for mice.

When Should You Expect Mice Infestation?

When You Have Not Taken Landscaping Responsibilities Seriously:

If you are keeping plants at a stone’s through to your house and not clearing up up the leaves against the foundation, then you should expect the unfriendly intruders, mice in your home. Why? As they can hide in the vegetation while searching for an opening; so you may never notice them. You should keep the plants and accumulated leaves at least 2 feet (ft) from your home in Vancouver. You should trim weed, and you should never allow debris to collect against the house.

When You Have Not Prepared Your House for the Cool Weather:

If you have not enquired about weather-stripping, cracks, and other areas of weakness, then the chances are you have opened your door for the naughty intruders, mice. You must ensure that you seal all the cracks around windows and doors if you live in Vancouver to make sure that the mice do not enter into your home. You should also check the parts of your home where you have done repairs in the past. You can also make the most of the services of mice exterminator in Vancouver if you cannot deal with the mice in your home all by yourself. 

When You Have Not Checked the Exterior of Your Home:

If you are not inspecting the exterior of your house, then the chances are that mice will be able to crawl right into your home and create loads of disturbance for you. You should thoroughly check the exterior of your home to ensure that cable wires and plumbing are properly sealed. Why? As mice are known to crawl up sewage pipes and plumbing, so you need to ensure that the preceding areas are properly sealed off. On the other hand, if you have outdoor vents and you want to keep your windows open, then you should fit them with the screens to keep mice out of your house in Vancouver.

When You Have Not Made Your Home Unwelcoming for Mice:

If you do not place mouse traps in potential mouse hotspots and deploy repellents, then it means you are giving the mice to move into your home in Vancouver. For proper mice control in Vancouver, homeowners like you should use glue traps to monitor the attic or basement in your home, because these traps can catch mice and insects and will let you know about the presence of unfriendly intruders in your home. You should use natural scent repellents in pantries or drawers and ultrasonic repellents in basements, attics, and rooms to deal with the mice in your home.

What Should You Do If You Find Mice in Your Home?

You should look for scats, damages, and nests in your home, and if you find their presence; then it means you have become a fatality to mice. You may have trouble dealing with the mice all by yourself; in such a case, you should call the pest control team of Vancouver to take care of the mice present in your home. Even if you are having a problem with other pests in your home, in addition to mice; then you can hand over the job of dealing with the pests to the pest control team. You can also ask the pest control team to give you suggestions about how you should deal with the pests, this way you will secure yourself from becoming a victim to pests once again in the future. 


The dropping of the temperature in the fall and the winter makes conditions ideal for the mice to enter into the homes of homeowners to make a mess of things for them. The homeowners may be suffering from the problem of mice in their homes when not going for the precautions. The homeowners may also not be able to deal with the mice themselves in Vancouver; in that case, they should contact the mice exterminator in Vancouver. Lastly, you should make the most of the suggestions of the pest control team of Vancouver as a homeowner to become able to deal with the unwelcoming pests, mice yourself in the future.

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