Responsibility of the Director of Finance

The Finance Director will be the official in charge of making payments to the municipality. However, for control reasons, the processing of payments will be delegated to a payroll unit or to a municipal official or employee attached to the Finance Office. Said payroll unit or the person in charge of payments, as the case may be, will respond to the Director of Finance and will carry out his duties in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations. In addition, there must be a separation of functions in the approval process of a document. The documents that support payment must originate in the different administrative units of the municipality and must be approved by the heads of said units. They must also be approved by the Mayor or his authorized representative, before being referred to the Finance Office for payment.

 Registration of the Firm in the Bank

It shall be the duty of the Mayor or his authorized representative to register the signature of the Director of Finances in the bank designated as the depositary of public funds where he has his checking account. It will be his duty, furthermore, to inform the bank when a Director of Finance ceases and another appointment is made and register his signature in the bank.

 Global Bond

Every municipal official or employee who intervenes with the payment function must be included in the Global Bond of municipal employees in accordance with the established norms.

 Accounting for Liabilities

The Director of Finance will be responsible for accounting for obligations and making and accounting for disbursements through the documents duly prepaid by the administrative units, which will be previously certified for obligation or payment by the head of said units or by their authorized representatives. and approved by the Mayor or his authorized representative. The obligations or disbursements will be to obligate or pay services, supplies of materials, claims, or other concepts that were authorized by the Municipal Assembly, the law, or by the regulations in force.

 Signature Delegation

When the needs of the service so require, the Mayor may delegate his signature for the certification of the expenses that are authorized for payment, to the official he deems most suitable. Said delegation must be made in writing and signed by the Mayor. It must be taken into consideration that an official is not authorized to sign the same document in two or more capacities and that there is no incompatibility between the functions or duties that said official normally performs.

 Legality and Accuracy of Expenditures

The Director of Finance shall be responsible for the legality, accuracy, propriety, necessity, and correctness of all the expenses submitted to him for payment by the heads of the administrative units. To verify the foregoing, all payment documents will be pre-audited in the Finance Office before the Director of Finance authorizes them.


The Preintervention Unit or the Person in Charge of the Preintervention of the documents will keep a record of the authorized signatures in the municipality. Against said record, it will verify that the officials who certify the documents are the authorized ones. In addition, the correctness of the documents in all their parts will be verified and that the transaction proceeds in accordance with the law, ordinance, resolutions, contracts, and current regulations. Once everything is in order, the document will be certified as pre-intervened and approval will be sent to the Director of Finance. The Director of Finance will not approve any document for payment if it is not certified as correct by the pre-intervention unit or the person in charge of pre-intervention.

 Check Register

No payment can be made unless it is supported by the corresponding payment receipts. A check register will be kept in which all the checks issued daily will be recorded in consecutive numerical order.

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