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Closing your kids off from the world does nothing to help them succeed in it as adults. The best way to teach online Quran classes them about life and the world around them is by exposing them to it and letting them explore. This also applies to religion, and Quran classes are one of the best ways to start your child’s religious education at an early age. Here are three reasons why you should sign your kids up for Quran classes if you haven’t already!

The recent podcast series at Trojan Horse Affair 2013-14-allegations of unproven plans to implement strict Islamic ethos in several schools in Birmingham-has attracted attention to places occupied by religion in education that is funded by the state in the UK and Wales.

While some countries such as France or the United States make a clear separation between the Church and the state and does not allow religion in schools funded by the state, in British and Wales schools are legally required to hold daily collective worship actions that must be The broadness of Christianity in character, unless the school gets permission to give alternative worship.

All schools funded by the state are also required to teach the Religious Education Class (RE). While Christianity occupies a special place in RE, for the past 50 years students in England and Wales have also learned about and from other “world religions”, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, or Sikhism. Since 2015, schools have also been asked to teach about the world of un religious views.

However, my research shows that teaching can be a problem. Children in my research tend not to be aware of the diversity of beliefs and practices in “world religion”. They regularly combine religion with ethnic identity.

Trojan Horse Affair not only expresses concerns about the existence of Islam in English schools – schools that serve majority Muslim populations – but also explain broader problems around religious ownership and what it means to be English.

Trojan horse operation

On November 27, 2013, Birmingham City Council Received An anonymous Letter that Leaked Pieces of Supposed Correspondence between Muslim Fundamentalists, Detailing An Alleged Plot-Operation Trojan Horse-to take over state-funded schools Located in Muslims in Birmingham and Promote A Strict.

The question did not find evidence to support the idea of ​​plans to take over the school, and the Horse Trojan letter was considered fake. However, the report did find efforts to introduce the Islamic ethos to several schools, and run it as a religious school.

View outside the school building

Nansen Elementary School, one of the schools investigated during the Trojan horse scandal. David Warren / Alamy Stock Photo

As a result, the government responded by implementing a strategy to prevent anti-terrorism in schools. It also makes it a requirement for all schools to promote “British fundamental values”.

Applying “British Fundamental Values” raises questions about what it means to become a Fundamental British. For the British government, it means complying with the following values: democracy, rule of law, individual freedom, and mutual respect and tolerance towards those who have different beliefs and beliefs and for those who do not have faith.

By promoting these values, schools are expected to “strengthen obstacles to extremism”, and prepare students for life in modern Britain.

Scholars argue that these values ​​are not inherent, but by giving such labels, it has sent a message that British values ​​and Islamic conservatism are not appropriate. This is about who is included in the group, and who is “other”.

One way to promote respect and tolerance for those who have different beliefs and beliefs and for those who do not have faith are through the Classes Re. Research, however, shows that too often teachers are equipped with bad teaching – maybe due to lack of subject knowledge or lack of confidence. The Real for Real 2015 report identifies the gap between “real religion and landscape of trust” and the majority “imagined”.

Teaching “Other”

You can take advantage of a number of different program . There are comprehensive programs for kids, teens, and adults, each with a number of different levels and topics. If you’re looking for free online Quran classes for kids or basic online courses for adults, you can find them here

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