Planned kitchen: Tips when designing your project


The modern planned kitchen is changing family relationships when it comes to eating. Therefore, this space needs to express the unique qualities of the residents, with the right kitchen furniture and resistant enough to withstand heat, steam, liquids and the movement of people.

We already talked about inspirations for your planned kitchen. Today, we are going to give you tips for you to be able to put together the project of your dreams.

Define the planned kitchen layout:

Before you go shopping for all the latest appliances and wonderful utensils available, take all the measurements and data you need for your planned kitchen. The total size of the space, the number of family members and the area that will be available for circulation are extremely important information.

Always seek the help of a professional or an experienced company. He will be instrumental in this process. Talk about the space available, about your ideas and inspirations, about the family routine and about the functional part of the planned kitchen. There’s no use having an amazing decoration that doesn’t make everyday life easier.

Ideally, the refrigerator, stove/cook top, dishwasher, shredder, oven, hood/debugger should be chosen at the beginning of the project, to define the sizes of the niches and the electrical and hydraulic points.

Choose a style that suits your family:

There are several styles available on the market to assemble your planned kitchen. To help you choose, check out the 5 trends to inspire your project, which we have separated in another post, by clicking here.

Doing a survey with other family members avoids criticism in the future and can be, in addition to a pleasurable activity, a way to unite the family even more. Gather everyone over the weekend and jointly research inspirations for the future project of the house.

Start by choosing colors, as they directly influence mood. Warm colors can energize the room, while cool colors make everything calmer. Light tones convey the idea of ​​amplitude, while dark tones can be very elegant. Creativity at this time is more than necessary. For Water Leak Detection Click Here

Be Attentive to Details:

Regardless of the style you choose, keep in mind that decorating your kitchen is not an easy task. Small oversights can result in bigger problems, like having to break what was already ready.

Be aware of the famous “cheap is expensive”, saving on material can generate a headache in the future.

Also pay attention to details such as: sockets, gas connection, size of appliances, dimensions of furniture, circulation space. All this has to be taken into account when planning.

Choose quality furniture:

When choosing kitchen cabinets, three things need to be observed: functionality, aesthetics and quality. When your project is ready, have all the correct measurements with you and where each cabinet will be positioned in relation to the appliances.

Always prefer reliable companies with years in the market. The Kitchens brand has been recognized for 50 years as a pioneer in the production of custom cabinetry for kitchens, pantries, service areas, bathrooms and bedrooms.

In addition, Kitchens is a leader in quality, know-how and technology and the only company in the sector that does not use any external expedient in customer service, assuming all stages of commercialization, production and after-sales, giving the company total security. . Find out more about the company by clicking here.

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