Plumbing cost: All the details


In this article we talk about the cost of a plumbing system.

If you need to renovate your house and you have realized that it is necessary to refurbish the plumbing system, perhaps you would like to have a rough idea of ​​how much it could cost you.

And if you have seen the house of your dreams, beautiful, bright, in your favorite neighborhood and with a nice terrace, but the real estate agent told you that the plumbing needs to be redone, know in more detail the cost of a system plumber is absolutely necessary to manage your budget in a targeted manner.

You have landed on the right page. In this article we go to see, first how a plumbing system is made and how it is composed, then we see in detail the general costs according to the different sizes of the apartments.

Cost of plumbing: the characteristics of the systems:

Let’s start this article dedicated to the cost of plumbing systems by making a little preliminary clarity on what a plumbing system is, how it is composed and all the elements that characterize it.

Let’s start with the basics!

The plumbing system is nothing more than a system of pipes and machinery that has the function of supplying homes with hot and cold drinking water. The term derives from the ancient Greek and, in particular from the word ὔδωρ – ὔδατος, or water.

Cost of plumbing: the individual components
Going more specifically, a plumbing system is composed of the following elements:

  • Purifiers: that is the equipment used to treat water and make it drinkable. They can be of different types: filters that retain sand and other impurities, salt dispensers with the function of protecting the pipes from encrustations or softeners that have more or less the same function as the salt dispensers.
  • Water distribution networks: meters, taps, pressure reducers. They are divided in turn into horizontal distribution pipes, risers, shut-off valves. They can be made of different materials such as: galvanized steel, copper or multi layer plastic materials.
  • Autoclaves: that is, those machines that are used to increase the pressure of the water so that it reaches even the highest floors of buildings;
  • Boilers, boilers: all those tools that allow you to produce domestic hot water. The production of domestic hot water can take place instantaneously when boilers are used, or by accumulation if, instead, electric or gas boilers are used.
  • Sanitary ware and taps: there is no need to say what we are referring to by these terms;
  • Waste water drainage networks: i.e. drainage pipes. There are different types of waste water that are produced in a home: black water that comes from the toilet; white soapy waters that come from sinks, showers and appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines; the greasy water that comes from the kitchen drain pipes.

What is the cost of a plumbing System?

In the previous paragraphs we have elaborated a little on the different components of plumbing systems to make you understand how complex they are and not to leave you speechless in the next paragraphs when we go to see the costs of the systems in more detail.

First of all, it should be noted that when designing your new plumbing system you must take into consideration a series of factors that will significantly affect its price.

Which? Here they are in the following list:

  • The number of water points and their function: the term water point means any water supply point, cold or hot, connected to the water distribution pipes of your home. The sinks, shower, bathroom fixtures, but also the washing machine and dishwasher are all installed at a water point
  • The size of the system and the position of the pipes and drains: if during the renovation you plan to create the kitchen where once there was a bathroom, get ready to spend more.
  • The masonry works to finish the walls;
  • The hourly cost of a plumber: This varies from city to city.

General Plumbing Cost:

If you intend to redo the plumbing system of the whole house, be prepared to spend an amount that is around:

1500 $: if you have a small house between 50-70 square meters, with 6 water points and a bathroom with sink, bidet, shower and kitchen with sink and washing machine, but without a dishwasher;
3000 $: the cost rises to larger sizes between 100 and 120 square meters, 12 water points and two bathrooms, with sink, toilet, bidet, shower or bathtub, and a kitchen with sink and connections for washing machine and dishwasher;
4000 $: for 14 water points on a building of about 150-200 square meters with two bathrooms with sink, toilet, bidet, shower or tub, and a kitchen with sink and connections for washing machine and dishwasher and a terrace with two d ‘water.

The bathroom:

If, on the other hand, you don’t have to redo the general plumbing system but you just need to renovate your bathroom. Things to do if water leaking in bathroom

Get ready to Spend:

  • 1500 $ for a small bathroom with toilet, bidet, shower.
  • 2000 $ for a larger bathroom with two sinks, shower, tub, toilet and bidet.
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