Promotional marketing and its three main benefits

What’s promotional marketing?

Promotional Marketing is a tool that we use to promote a product, highlight it against other products, and influence purchase intentions.

Before we list the benefits of Promotional Marketing, let’s ask ourselves: What is a promotion worth to you? We use promotions to grab customers’ attention and help them decide between buying your product. You may need to hire a digital specialist for this purpose.

Promotion is the bridge that connects the offline and the online world. These promotional actions allow owners to obtain buyers’ data via a form on a landing page.

Once the client has achieved his goal (take part in a raffle, download content, or other benefits of the promotion), we immediately obtain his data (name and age, gender, purchase location, email address, etc..)

What are the 3 benefits of a promotion at point-of-sale?

1. Learn more about your client

It is simple: the more information you have about your client the better you will be able to control the execution of future campaigns and marketing actions. This will ensure you have greater sales success over the long and short term.

You can track the success of your campaign. Would you like to know when and how many people bought your product? We can determine which towns and what types of establishments the promotion was most successful by using it.

2. This helps you to understand your customer at the point of sale.

Marketing departments must rely on street-level surveys and focus groups to gather valid customer information. What additional value does Promotional Marketing bring to this? We can get real-time data and insights from each consumer who signs up for promotions.

This information will help you succeed. It used to be that the sale was all that mattered. Now, it is important to know who we are selling for us to make more sales. This will give us a competitive edge in the market and allow us to finish first.

What information can we get from Promotional Marketing?

  • Rotation studies based on geographical area, distribution channel, and sales channel (direct or indirect).
  • Study of consumer profiles to determine their preferences and degree of satisfaction.
  • Real-time analysis of purchase intent.
  • Verify the effectiveness of your shopper’s marketing strategy at the point of sale.

3. You can use the information

It is difficult to create a targeted list of audiences you wish to reach. It is possible to create profiles using the data from the promotional campaigns. This allows you to plan correctly. With Ads, AdWords, and programmatic buying, we can create more precise customer profiles, which will increase the campaign’s effectiveness.

If you run a campaign, it will give you the perfect excuse to reach potential customers. You can also thank your existing customers and reap the 3 benefits of promotional marketing

Three main objectives of a Promotional Marketing Campaign:

They are fundamental to the design and influence of consumer behavior. These are the three main objectives of a Promotional Marketing campaign.

  1. Inform As the name implies, this is to inform potential buyers about the existence of a product. Regardless of whether the product was on the market at the time, we know that “who doesn’t know a product does not buy it”. This information can be applied to many products, including those that need to be renewed or those that are new to the market.
  2. Inspire to buy the product we offer through the Promotional Marketing campaign. What are the best times to persuade people? It is important to know if the product or service is well-known by most of the audience.
  3. Remember: This is to make people “keep in mind” the products of our company and be able to recall them when they are needed. Customers are familiar with the product and have an opinion.

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