Solutions to Fix 5 Common Godaddy Email Problems

Godaddy email problems

In this blog, we are going to highlight some of the most common Godaddy email problems and give you a solution for all of them. We hope that with this blog you will be able to solve any worry that you are facing in the GoDaddy email.

Most common Problems of GoDaddy And their Solutions

1. Email sending and receiving errors

The most common problem the users of GoDaddy email face is the problem of not sending and receiving emails. The users of GoDaddy use a centralized server for all the clients. And it is very common to face some outages and problems. After some time these outages cause some problems for their business. Your employees and customers wait around to receive and send emails which ultimately cost you. 

For this, you can mail the help desk of GoDaddy and tell them about your worry. GoDaddy prevents the attack of any hacker and spammer. 

2. Your emails marked as spam messages

It is very frustrating when the GoDaddy email not working and your important emails are marked and sent to the Spam folder. There are “DKM” and “SPF” markers that mark your emails as important and then place them in the correct folder.

This problem can arise if the ISP has removed the DKM and SPF markers. Once removed, your old clients of GoDaddy will be marked as Spam and ultimately cause your problem. You can find the markers under the Email authentication tab from where you can fix the issue. 

3. Inbox filled with Junk Mail?

Sometimes, the GoDaddy outgoing email server not working which result in your Inbox being filled with different junk mails. GoDaddy does to offers too much protection against such spam mails for all the email clients. 

With these spam emails, hackers gain control of your email account and then they can steal the details of your bank account. The GoDaddy services are not very fast in putting a stop to these emails but they always hep. To solve this issue, you need to check all the filters of the GoDaddy email and then reorganize them through which you will no longer receive spam mails. 

4. Website Not Showing in Google?

GoDaddy secure email server creates wonderful websites which go online in some minutes. Even if you are someone who doesn’t have the whole information can use GoDaddy to create websites. But, sometimes these websites don’t show on Google. 

These can be because of some innocent mistakes that you may have done while making the layout of the site.  You need to revisit the GoDaddy domain where you have created the website to see if you have done every step that needed to be done.  

5. Website Hacked or Spammed?

Another thing that is very common problem in GoDaddy emails is that the websites get Spammed and hacked very easily. After the access of your website goes to the hacker, your website suffers a great loss which also results in business loss. 

For this, you need to make sure that the website is protected with good protectors. You need to make sure that you have an SSL installed on your computer. Apart from that, you need to have software which keeps you up-to-date with all the things that are happening. Also, keep your website protected with different levels of safety. 

We hope that whatever problems you are facing with GoDaddy email like GoDaddy email not sending 2021 are solved with this blog. Make sure to read the blog carefully and then resolve all the problems that you may face with the GoDaddy email. GoDaddy has helped a lot of people so it is important to keep your website safe. 

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