Supplemental health insurance: can an independent worker hire it?

Supplemental health insurance: can an independent worker hire it?

One of the main doubts regarding complementary health insurance is contacting them when you are not affiliated with a company. Whether you are working independently or as a freelancer, or if your proof of remuneration is a fee, you must know that yes, it is already possible to take out complementary health insurance for you and your family.

But before knowing how to do it, let’s first review some key points to better understand if what you are looking for and need is complementary health insurance or catastrophic health insurance.

Differences between catastrophic insurance and complementary health insurance

Complementary health insurance allows you to cover minor medical expenses that your health forecast (Fonasa or Isapre) is not enough to cover. Until recently, complementary health insurance could only be contracted through an employer. That is, you had to have an employment contract with a company. However, today there are already alternatives for independent workers, as we mentioned earlier.

On the other hand, catastrophic health insurance is designed for major medical expenses such as illnesses that require hospitalization, surgeries, or others. This type of insurance can be contracted individually and has a higher deductible since it is designed for expensive expenses.

What is complementary health insurance?

Supplemental health insurance is medical insurance. Its mission: to cover the copay or difference in health spending that occurs between the contribution of the pension institution (Isapre or Fonasa) to which you are affiliated and what you must finance. This difference can be covered partially or totally.

This insurance is an excellent help for recurring or minor expenses caused by different health conditions, such as physical therapy sessions, if your forecast does not cover it.

In general, complementary insurance covers outpatient issues, medical consultations, exams, and depending on the company you choose. It could also cover maternity, dental, and mental health expenses. In short, it helps you pay for recurring and planned medical expenses of a low or medium amount.

However, it is essential to know that many exclude the so-called “pre-existing” from their coverage, which are those illnesses or health conditions that the contracting party or insured previously suffered from.

So, the possibility that Compara gives you to compare and quote between various insurances and their coverage is critical. In this way, you will be able to choose the one that best suits your needs and those of your insured loved ones.

Life: the alternative for independent workers

As we explained in the previous section, the employer contracted complementary health insurance to their workers. But what happens in the case of independent workers? Those who “ticket.”

For this type of case, there are alternatives such as the Life company, which offers complementary health insurance for independent workers.

The requirements to qualify for Life complementary health insurance are:

  • Being an independent worker, dependent, employee, entrepreneur, etc.
  • The charges can be only spouse or partner, children, or stepchildren.
  • Being under 65 years of age and 24 in the case of children.
  • The insurance holder must be the owner of a credit card.
  • Form of payment: Credit Card.

Among the benefits of Life, complementary health insurance is its 100% online mode. This allows policyholders to contract and use the insurance from anywhere in Chile and avoid face-to-face procedures since reimbursements are online through I-Med, mobile applications, and its website.

If you want to know all the benefits, deductibles, exclusions, and more, visit the Life page on our site and learn everything about this ideal company for independent workers.

By Master James

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