Teaching Tools to Use In 2022!

Teaching Tools

Online classes has become the new normal in the education sector. The transition to online teaching has induced a significant amount of pressure on both teachers and students with the challenges that result from remote teaching. Remote teaching comes with a bunch of roadblocks like limited resources, lousy internet connection, unavailability of equipment, etc. 

But time and time again, we’ve seen how technological advancements have made our life easier and it’s no different this time. The market is booming with full potential when it comes to resourceful tools and apps. If you’re a teacher, you definitely need the right tools to improve communication with students, encourage collaboration and teamwork and simplify online teaching. Remote teaching doesn’t have to be this hard. Just get your hands on these tools below and you’re good to go!

Check them out:

  • Kahoot!

Let’s be honest, we’ve all struggled with a short attention span in our classes. Learning from home definitely makes it hard to keep up a long attention span when there are distractions in the surroundings. Learning becomes plain and boring but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. You can make learning fun and interactive for the students by keeping them interested. Kahoot! is the perfect tool to use in this case. It’s a fun and interactive game-based platform that encourages teaching via video games! 

With Kahoot! You can take quizzes, host games, teach new topics, review tests, create presentations, do videoconferences, and much more to simplify and encourage distance learning. The game-based platform also allows you to review student feedback and progress with its report analytics feature.

  • Zoom

We’ve definitely witnessed a huge demand for reliable video conferencing tools in the past 2 years. A good videoconferencing tool has become a need of the hour in today’s time since most people are remote working, learning, or teaching. This is why Zoom has become a top choice amongst users worldwide. It’s the perfect tool to ensure a successful teaching session by enabling clear and proper communication between the teacher and students. 

The popular communication platform allows the teachers to communicate and connect with students via video conferences, audio calls, virtual rooms, live chats, and much more. You don’t need much to be able to use the platform. A decent webcam, mic, and a good internet connection like EarthLink internet will provide you the experience you need.

  • eduClipper

Being a teacher means always staying up to date with relevant and important information. And let’s be real, finding and researching information on the internet aka the biggest info portal on the planet is anything but easy. You have to skim through multiple search result pages to find and cross fact information. This is why eduClipper should be your go-to info platform this year. This helpful tool is well-loved by the teaching community. The tool allows you to find and gather information and educational media and share whatever you find with others in your network. It also enables you to improve your research, organize classroom content, build a lesson plan, and include fun clips of encouraging learning for an interactive teaching session!

  • Creately

The rising popularity of online whiteboards is no surprise to anyone. Ever since distance learning came into play and slowly took over classroom learning, the emphasis on a classroom-like learning model has been strong.  Which is why Creately was made. It was designed to emulate an actual classroom experience to students right at home. It’s an online whiteboard platform that visualizes all your information, concepts, and ideas on a whiteboard for easy learning. Whether it’s a complex graph or a complicated diagram, make learning easy and visually aesthetic with Creately. 

  • Google Calendar

In order to perfect remote teaching, you must perfect organization first. Working from home can be messy but following a perfect routine fixes it all. A routine and strict schedule will keep you on track with your tasks and maximize productivity and efficiency. And Google Calendar is a great tool to trust in this case. 

The work planning platform is not only flexible and easy to use but also useful in streamlining your classes, meetings, appointments and manages your timetable automatically so you don’t have to deal with clashes and double-booked slots. It will notify you of all your classes and appointments so you’re always on top of your work. 

The bottom line

Finding the best tools from a range of options in the market is difficult, which is why we’ve done the difficult part for you. Get your hands on these top 5 teaching tools and transform remote teaching to reach your teaching goals effectively! Just download them with  and you’re all set!

By Master James

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