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The confinement derived from the COVID 19 crisis has been an opportunity to discover many things. For many people, for example, confinement has actually been confining, as they have discovered the delights of the pastry chef’s trade. Others have discovered the pleasure of reading or have returned to playing long hours with their children. Have there been discoveries in SoClean insurance? Well, the truth, yes.

The confinement situation has meant for many people to discover the coverage that they had in their insurance or that their insurers have offered them, and that has been especially useful these days. Here we quote the three that have had the most prominence during this crisis:

Having legal defense coverage is always a good idea; but in an environment like this, with changing legislation and realities of great importance for the existence of many people (such as ERTEs), having the ability to, at the very least, consult with a legal professional about our concerns and agree with him on our next steps, is something that acquires great importance. Legal defense insurance is a relatively underdeveloped product in the Spanish market, since in other countries, especially in Central Europe, it is quite common. Perhaps this experience will convince many people of the opportunity to have such insurance at hand.

Computer assistance

Computer assistance coverage is present, for example, in many home insurance contracts. For many Spaniards, in a matter of hours, that corner of the house where they were on the computer with which they surfed the internet and played strategy games has suddenly become their job. This has also meant that the proper functioning of all the technological equipment in the house has also acquired fundamental importance. And, as Murphy’s Law is almost always fulfilled, in many cases, the moment chosen by the computer, or by the connection, to not function properly, has been precisely this. Suddenly, then, the possibility of having, at the other end of the telephone, with an expert capable of guiding us through the intricate world of the menus and submenus of our operating system has become a highly valuable service.

Psychological assistance

Another element that has grown as a result of the situation these days has been psychological assistance. To tell the truth, this benefit was not new in the insurance market; but its use and supply have intensified as a logical consequence of a situation in which many people have felt pressured, even anguished, by order of things totally unexpected and radically different from the one that until March 13 was our daily life.

Other coverage could be added that has also played its role: family civil liability, which has had to face a period in which the whole family has been at home; or the civil responsibility of pets because they have also perceived that the moment was different and have carried their load of stress. In short, what this type of situation demonstrates is that insurance, by essence, adapts to situations to try to give its clients the best possible service.

By Master James

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