Top 5 Pakistani Technology Blogs

Top 5 Pakistani Technology Blogs to Follow in 2022

Top 5 Pakistani Technology Blogs to Follow in 2022

Technology news blogs are great sources if you want to read the latest technology news. In addition, they usually feature interviews with industry leaders and technology influencers. These digital platforms bring regular updates from industry events and insights that help you stay in touch with things happening around technology.

There is no shortage of technology news blogs in Pakistan, and some of the top technology blogs to follow in 2022 include:

1.      ProPakistani

Founded around a decade ago, ProPakistani is one of the top technology news blogs in Pakistan. Since its foundation, the blog gain enough presence and attraction around the world. Started as a technology news blog, ProPakistani is now a leading and the most diversified news platform that covers

  • Technology
  • Automobiles
  • Fashion
  • Startups and businesses
  • Gadgetry

2.      GigBuzz pk

Inspired from the saying that goes “The Future is Gig” Gigbuzz is an emerging gig economy and technology news blog,  This blog is established to bring bulletins and to disseminate information among people about the gig economy of Pakistan and the growing virtual and contractual employment landscape.

Pakistan is one of the global leading IT export players, GigBuzz intends to cover up the growing freelance industry news and gig marketplace’s related news, stats, and figures specifically for the Pakistani audience.

With gradual diversification in mind, GigBuzz also brings daily buzz on various other niches such as:

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Internet  ( IoT, Cyber, AI, Crypto and Block Chain)
  • Technology Startups and Innovation
  • eCommerce in Pakistan
  • Telecom and Cellular Industry

3.      TechJuice

Techjuice is another leading tech news blog that covers almost every aspect of technology. Established back in 2014, Techjuice soon became a driving innovation media platform that has soon found its presence in Pakistan as well as abroad audience.

 Techjuice basically covers news

  • Technology / Cryptocurrency
  • Startups and business related news
  • Mobile Phones and other gadgets
  • Investments
  • Online Earning

4.      TechMag

Founded as an online IT and Telecom magazine that covers Pakistan-specific news on new businesses and innovation, focusing on business leaders and visionaries and feature pioneers technologists. TechMag covers a range of industries news such as: 

  • Tech News
  • Science
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Computers and IA
  • Smartphones
  • Entrepreneurship, Startups and Leadership

TechMag’s sole priority is to focus on the audience and industry of Pakistan in specific.

5.      Technology Times

Technology Times is another leading news blog of Pakistan that has a well-set global presence. Mostly its viewership also comes from countries like India, China and the U.S. Technology Times is all bent to provide news and information to Pakistani people about everything that is happening in technology. This blog not only very proactively informs the public about technology but also various other avenues such:

  • Gaming
  • Social Media
  • Agriculture
  • Startups

To capture the Urdu reading audience, Technology Times news is available both in English and Urdu. 

Get a look at all the mentioned websites then you have to start the blog, Follow a step-by-step guide by our expert bloggers.

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