What Are the Pros and Cons of Exterior Brick Painting Toronto?

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Don’t you think your home’s exterior bricks are getting old? You must think about repainting them to give an appealing and new look to your home. Nowadays, most of the exteriors inspiring us lately on Instagram and Pinterest look amazing with painted bricks. It a fantastic way to give ‘Wow’ look to dull and outdated home.

No denial, it is quite interesting to paint exterior bricks of your home. Nevertheless, you need to consider several things to get the job done right.

Today, we are highlighting some pros and cons of Exterior Brick Painting Toronto and a few enduring exterior paint colors inspirations everyone adores in 2022.


One of the key benefits of painting exterior bricks of a home is that the entire job doesn’t require much effort and time. Additionally, it gives curb appeal to your home without spending excess money.

For instance, you can change pale or orange bricks into chic bricks by painting them with moody or dark colors. No worries, if you want to give it classic clean look as crisp white color is an ideal choice for this purpose. It is the best way to transform your home’s appearance within the affordable budget.

Surely, you can paint your home’s exterior bricks without any professional help but we always recommend you to consider Best House Painting Service Toronto to bring perfection to your work. Besides, it requires exceptional skills and in-depth research to paint exterior bricks of a house the way you want.

Therefore, it is preferable to hire expert exterior painters and let them give a magical appearance to your home with their remarkable paint services.


Compared to pros, the cons of painting house’s exterior bricks are quite negligible. Surely, painting exterior brick of a house can give it an eye-catchy look but you have to remember it the process can be exhausting and you can’t undo it once the paint job is done.

Moreover, brick paint requires more maintenance than any other paint type especially when you are painting bricks alone. Dirt, dust and grimes look more visible on painted bricks mainly when you have chosen light or white shades for this purpose.

Also, it is a time-consuming process to power wash and scrub the walls more often once you are done painting them. The selection of wrong paint type and ignoring cracks on it can trap moisture in the porous bricks and breaks it.

That’s why; bricks experts suggest us to maintain the brick paint properly. Besides, it is also recommended to prefer professional brick painting after every 3 to 5 years.

Exterior Brick Painting Color Inspiration

As discussed earlier, you can neglect the cons of painting your home exterior walls. So, it’s always a good idea to opt for brick painting services more often to renovate a dull looking home.

Here is the list of some striking and attractive brick paint colors you can opt for your house in 2022.

Let’s explore them together!

  • White

If you are looking for the perfect blend of chic and modern shade then ‘Bright White’ is an incredible choice for you. This neutral shade pops-up the exterior walls and make your house stand out from the crowd.

Remember; the selection of premium quality paint color matters a lot. So, you need to opt for the top-quality paint color that lasts on the bricks for the longer time. Internet is the ideal way to look for some paint inspiration for 2022. Besides, the skilled painters can also guide you better the selection of right paint color.

  • Off-White

Creamy off-white gives magnificent look to exterior walls especially when you choose it for painting bricks of a house. Also, this paint color gives warmer and old world look to your home. So, pick this shade if you want your house to look elegant and sophisticated compared to other houses in the same colony.

  • Black

Interestingly, choosing black color can give neat and decent looks to your house’s exterior bricks.  You can contrast it with bright green color to make the paint color look more awesome. The exterior paint contractors can also guide you better about choosing some fantastic contrasting color with black.

  • Blue

Blue is all time favorite color that never goes out of trend. Gladly, the paint color is in trends in 2022 as well.  A dark moody black color can add more drama to your house’s exterior brick walls and complements natural wood doors.

Generally, people think Black and Blue are similar shades but this color is softer than Black with some imposing statement.

Take the Pain Out of ‘Painting’ with Professional Exterior Brick Painting Toronto

Nowadays, painting exterior brick walls of a house is trendy these days and you should be a part of this trend as well. Consider Best House Painting Service Toronto and give a new look to your house.

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