What is the best car insurance?

What is the best car insurance

There are different car insurance in the market with different prices and coverage. Here we make your search easier, presenting you with the best insurance so that you can easily choose the most suitable one for you.

1. Allstate 

Allstate offers basic and comprehensive coverage. For example, in addition to basic coverage, you can get complete coverage that pays for damage to your car caused by fire, theft, vandalism, or other causes.

At Allstate, even if you were at fault for causing an accident, this circumstance will not cause the cost of insurance when you enroll in the accident forgiveness program. Also, if you plan to travel to Mexico with Allstate, you can get auto insurance for tourists in Mexico. This insurance covers American and Canadian drivers in Mexico.


Geico applies; you have to enter your information on their website, and you will receive a quick quote on the type of auto insurance you need with the state minimums and according to your budget.

If you want to be safe at all times, you can get the Emergency Road Service that provides help in emergencies. For example, this additional service can help you change tires, tow for mechanical or electrical breakdowns, and provide locksmith services. In addition to vehicle policies, you can also request a motorcycle insurance quote to be always safe on the road. According to NerdWallet, the average cost of an insurance policy at Geico is $176 per month.

3. State Farm

With State Farm, you could save money when you get auto insurance, as the company offers a wide variety of safe driving discounts for active military members and students.

At State Farm, you can get liability insurance that helps pay for damages or injuries if you are responsible for an accident. On the other hand, you can also get collision coverage that pays to repair or replace your vehicle if you’re in an accident with another car, hit an object, or if your vehicle rolls over.

4. Liberty Mutual

At Liberty Mutual, you may have “New Car Replacement” coverage included in all auto policies for qualifying cars. With this coverage, if your new vehicle suffers a total loss in the first year of use and has 15,000 miles or less on it, you will receive the money from the price of a new car, not your devalued car.

The average cost of auto insurance at Liberty Mutual is about $272 a month, according to NerdWallet.

5. Progressive

With Progressive, you can obtain a “Liability Insurance” to comply with state regulations since this coverage responds to damages caused to other people. For example, if you lose control of your vehicle and hit your neighbor’s parked car as well as the mailbox, insurance may cover the damage.

Similarly, Progressive offers additional coverage for vintage or classic cars with its Classic Car Insurance. 

The best car insurance is the one that offers complete guarantees at the most competitive price.

When choosing one type of insurance, many clients look mainly at its price. However,  the most important thing is the coverage that the policy has. And it is that in some cases, the economic difference between two insurances can be a merely symbolic amount, but in return, it offers a good number of more coverages. For this reason, we have carried out an analysis of which are the best car insurance of the month and why.

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