When should you start paying off subsidized loans?

A subsidized loan is a complementary mortgage to conventional mortgages. These loans are said to be subsidized because the rate granted is lower than the market rate. The goal is to allow a certain social category to be able to carry out their real estate project. The subsidized credits are capped and their obtaining is subject to conditions. Find out without further delay which subsidized loans you may be entitled to.

What is a subsidized loan?

A subsidized loan is an assisted credit which aims to help finance a real estate project or work, by offering financing at a reduced rate. Several organizations and administrations grant this type of loan. Indeed, these are distributed by the State but also by many economic actors such as: companies, local authorities, etc. Let’s take a closer look at the different offers.

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The different subsidized loans

 Subsidized loans distributed by the State

The State has set up several loans at reduced rates, or even zero, to help households carry out their real estate projects. The following are part of the family of subsidized loans:

  • the approved loan (PC),
  • the social accession loan (PAS loan)
  • zero rate loan (PTZ).

They make it possible to finance the purchase, construction or completion of work on their principal residence. Obtaining subsidized loans is subject to conditions, in particular regarding resources or location, for example, and are distributed by banks that have signed an agreement with the State.

Subsidized loans for civil servants

The official loan is a subsidized loan reserved for civil servants (law enforcement, national education employees, hospital agents, departmental advisers, etc.). This assisted loan makes it possible to finance your real estate project on advantageous terms. If you are a civil servant, you can contact:

  • Crédit Social Officielur (CSF), partner of several banks such as Banque Postale, CIC, Crédit du Nord, etc. ;
  • From the Banque Française Mutualiste (BFM), member of the Société Générale network;
  • CASDEN, a member of the Banque Populaire network and Groupe BPCE;
  • Mutuals. Indeed, some of them also offer the official loan.

Take advantage of the best rate in just a few clicks!

from 0.60%over 15 years (1)

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Subsidized pension fund loans

Some pension funds offer their members additional subsidized loans to finance the purchase or the carrying out of work in their main residence. The terms of these subsidized credits vary from one pension fund to another. Some of them even offer consumer credit and offer the possibility of directly deducting the monthly payments from the benefits paid.

  • Subsidizing the interest rate on loans granted by banks to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the phase of creation or extension of activities and public programs to support the upgrading of enterprises.
  • Subsidizing the interest rate on loans granted by banks to companies in the energy sector for projects involving the production of electricity, the transport of electricity and gas and the public distribution of electricity and gas, within the meaning of article 97 of the finance law for 2007.
  • The subsidization of the interest rate on loans granted by credit institutions for the reconstruction of premises for commercial, industrial or artisanal use located in the wilayas of Algiers and Boumerdès destroyed or declared irrecoverable following the earthquake of May 21, 2003, within the meaning of article 63 of the supplementary finance law for 2008.
  • Interest during the grace period and subsidization of loans granted by public banks to professional clubs created as companies, the interest rate charged to these companies is 1%. within the meaning of article 73 of the supplementary finance law for 2011.

Aid from the region or department

Regions, departments and cities provide aid to facilitate access to property or the carrying out of renovation work. Subsidized loans differ from region to region and from department to department. Also to find out what aid you are entitled to, you can check on the official website of the National Agency for Information on Housing (ANIL) first. You can also, in a second step, get closer to your community.

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