Which is the best sunscreen?

A isan cream, like the name implies is a cosmetic product created to encourage the skin to turn tan. They’re a great option for people who don’t have the time to color their skin or don’t have enough weeks to spend doing so.They can be used on any area of our body that would like to be more golden.

Tanning accelerators, also known as bronzers, can come in a variety of textures and presentations The most popular is an oil bottle that has an applicator that sprays or drips. While we’ll discuss this later it is crucial to buy a sunscreen with SPF, or, if not you can combine it with the product that has it.

What benefits and drawbacks does the sun-tanned lotion bring?

In general, all products have benefits and drawbacks. These will depend on the composition as well as the specific reactions of the individual. The thing that is beneficial for some can be harmful for another. Of course, bronzers aren’t the only exception. When used properly and carefully, they can have many advantages than disadvantages.


  • Increase the rate of acquisition of the tan.
  • The result is also more robust.
  • They hydrate the skin that loses its elasticity with exposure to sunlight.
  • The skin feels more smooth.
  • A lot of them have antibacterial properties that neutralize the sweat smell.
  • They can trigger acne breakouts or allergic reactions in those with sensitive skin.
  • If they do not have SPF, they may cause damage to the dermis.
  • If they do not have SPF, they may increase the rate of the process of aging.
  • If they don’t have SPF they could cause melanomas or even cancer.

What is the function of sunscreens?

Suntan lotions are made to help you sunbathe. That is they do not tan in their own way, like auto-tanners do. Tanning accelerators stimulate melanin production which is a pigment for the skin which is produced in the sun and helps protect us from ultraviolet sun’s rays. The more melanin you produce the darker the tan you will get.

However regardless of whether you use a lotion to tan it is likely to be some who tan quicker than others or whose their tan lasts longer. It is based on your personal melanin levels that can’t be changed. A person with a lighter skin tone will always have different outcomes than someone with darker skin.

What is the best way to apply sunscreen? applied?

You should now be aware of the way a sunscreen is used is crucial in order to ensure it’s safe. The most important suggestion we can offer in the beginning is to only sunbathe at times that are recommended as well as covering the areas that are most vulnerable to sun damage your body, and don’t skimp when it comes to sun safety. Additionally:

  1. The bronzer should be applied to all the areas of your body you wish to get darker faster. Make sure to do this before leaving your home.
  2. Within ten to 15 minutes, or once the lotion for tan has completely absorption then apply an SPF lotion. It is possible to do this step without a problem if your tanning accelerator has an effective factor of 30 or greater.
  3. After sunbathing, clean your skin of any products after which apply post-sun lotion or moisturizing and soothing cream.

Are sunscreens secure?

Many people are asking this question It is therefore crucial to provide a truthful answer in which case we must take into consideration a variety of factors. First of all There are people who have fair skin that sunbathing is never safe, because they are easily burned and burning can exponentially increase the risk of developing skin cancer.

Beyond these extreme instances According to The Dr. Cristina Eguren Michelena, member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), “in their own right, tan enhancers are not harmful. The issue is that in order to be effective in this way, they have to get tanned, which is expose oneself to the sun , and this is what causes the problem.

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