Why take out home insurance?

If significant damage affects your home, home insurance allows you to cover the costs related to property repairs but also your damaged or lost movable property. In the event of an event affecting neighboring accommodation such as water damage, this contract also covers your liability as an occupant and covers accidental bodily injury and material damage caused to third parties.

Is home insurance compulsory?

Highly recommended for the owner, home insurance is mandatory for the tenant. Article 7 of Law No. 89-462 of July 6, 1989requires him to take out home insurance under penalty of a risk of expulsion. He must take out insurance for rental risks to cover damage caused to the accommodation by:

  • a fire;
  • an explosion;
  • water damage.

Each year, the tenant must submit an insurance certificate to the landlord. Failing this, he will be put on notice by the latter. If one month after this formal notice, this certificate has not been sent, the owner can take out home insurance on behalf of the tenant, who will have to contribute in addition to the rent.

For an owner, insuring his property and personal property against accidental risks that may occur is the way to safeguard his assets. The consequences of a fire or a water leak can be financially very heavy.

In addition, all home contracts covering the main residence insure people for their private civil liability. For example, your dog knocks down a cyclist, he injures him and the bike breaks: liability insurance will cover all material and bodily injury.

Beyond civil liability for private life, some insurers add assistance guarantees for people on the move, school insurance, psychological support, legal information, etc. the purpose of these guarantees is to support the insured after an accident or in the event of disputes, which do not necessarily concern the home.

What is “comprehensive home” insurance?

We generally speak of a multi-risk home contract (MRH) because home insurance provides coverage that goes beyond the strict framework of real estate and movable property. It includes in particular the civil liability for the private life of the subscriber and the members of his household, which corresponds to material damage and bodily injury caused to third parties.

What are the main guarantees?

A home insurance policy can cover you against the following hazards: 

  • Fire: coverage for damage caused by fire or explosion. No, these are separate guarantees, even if they are automatically included in all insurance contracts. 
  • Attacks or acts of terrorism
  • Water damage: coverage of damage caused by water to your property and furniture following infiltration, leaks or overflows from appliances (washing machine, etc.).
  • Theft: cover for break-ins and thefts in your accommodation. Learn more about the theft guarantee.
  • Climatic events and natural disasters: coverage of damage caused by storms, heavy snow, hail, or floods, generally following the publication of a natural disaster order.
  • Technological disasters: coverage of damage caused by an industrial installation, a sensitive site, or the transport of dangerous products.
  • Glass breaking: coverage of damage to glass parts (doors and windows) or furniture (oven, TV screen, etc.).

Namely: a home insurance contract contains basic guarantees, but it is possible to personalize it with optional guarantees.

MAIF side

  • Namely: climatic events are covered even in the absence of a natural disaster order.
  • MAIF Home Insurance includes a base of solid guarantees from the first formula: beyond essential guarantees such as fire, water damage, burglary, it also offers benefits for people on the move, school insurance, emergency breakdown service, a psychological support service, and à la card options such as cancellation/travel and leisure interruption cover. Also optional with formula 2, are extended guarantees on your nomadic goods (multimedia or sport/leisure).​
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