Influence of Explainer Videos on Your Sales Funnel

The world today has become a global market for customers & especially for businesses to grow. Today every successful business that exists has benefited through globalization & internet, as the opportunity grows the competition for business survival has also become more brutal.

Every business needs an efficient sales team that generates quality leads, making the marketing & sales department the backbone of every modern organization. Competition today exists in businesses of every niche & this time the competition is globalized where all companies compete in one global market.

Having a strong sales funnel becomes crucial to feed the business with regular cash flow & increase revenue & profits. The sales funnel is the journey of every customer right from generating interest in the mind of the customer to consuming the product to the final sale of the product. The sales funnel is the funnel of crucial leads generated through marketing activities that catch the interest of the customers that are likely to be converted into a sale.

Explainer Videos For Sales Funnel

The internet has become very accessible to everyone creating a global social network for businesses & customers to connect with each other.

Top social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube are daily used by billions of people worldwide. These social media platforms are triggered by content in form of texts, images & videos. This dynamic has given birth to explainer videos which today are used by successful businesses to market their brand more effectively.

A good explainer video can help catch the attention of the audience on the internet, thus becoming a good asset to flood the sales funnel with quality leads. Today let’s discuss more in-depth how can animated explainer videos help boost your sales funnel & how can an animated explainer video company help you get that perfect animated video for your business.

Create Brand Awareness

When entering new markets, it becomes essential for businesses to create brand awareness through proper marketing strategies.

Creating brand awareness includes targeting the correct set of audiences that will be influenced by your product or service & can become a part of your sales funnel.

Animated explainer videos have been proven to grasp the attention of the viewer effectively by 95% when compared to other video types.

So animated explainer videos can be marketed on social media platforms, search engines & n your website to grab the attention of your audience in the target market. The best thing is you can customize the content, visuals, graphics & other aspects of your animated explainer in such a way that it directly targets the minds of your target audience.

Thus Animated explainer videos are a cost-efficient & effective brand awareness tool for your sales funnel.

Consideration Process

Once your marketing is able to catch the attention of your target audience they are more likely to purchase your product or hire your service. Then comes the consideration stage in which the target person is thinking about whether he should purchase your product or service.

This is the stage when your sales funnel is occupied with a number of potential customers in the form of leads & your sales team should get active in order to convince the customer.

An effective animated sales video can help make the customer consider your product, and explainer videos on patient testimonials, advantages of your products & services, etc can be showcased in the explainer video.

This dynamic explainer video made especially for your sales team can help in securing more conversions & convert the leads into final customers.

Sales Conversion Process

This is the final, & the bust crucial process of the whole sales funnel, where your lead or customer is closed down for price & becomes your long-term customer or the customer opts to back out.

Both of the scenarios have a huge effect on your sales team’s performance, animated explainer videos have been proven to grasp the attention of the audience so strongly that the final sales conversion becomes easier. But it’s not as easier as it appears, there should be a strong attempt by your sales team to convince the customer and convert them into successful sales.

Thus this concludes that animated explainer videos can be a good tool to influence your sales funnel. A combination of a skilled marketing & sales team with a perfect animated explainer video can be a good combination to grow your sales funnel.

Best Explainer Video Production Company

Explainer Mojo is the leading explainer video company based in the UK, that works with top businesses for the production of animated explainer videos. Explainer Mojo also has convenient animated explainer video pricing that is customized according to our client’s requirements. Each explainer video cost at Explainer Mojo can be budget-friendly based on the nature of the video.

At Explainer Mojo we are a team of highly skilled graphical video designers that make for you the best-animated explainer videos to powerfully market our brand on the internet platform.

Feel free to connect to Explainer Mojo today, the best explainer video company in the UK & across Europe.

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