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Astrology, a practice that has persisted for millennia, remains a prevalent topic of interest in modern times, drawing attention from sceptics and followers alike. The ensuing discussion shall venture into astrology‘s intricacies, exploring astrologers’ roles and responsibilities in greater detail.

What is Astrology?

The analysis of the positional changes and orbits of astral entities, namely planets and stars, and their impact on both the world of nature and human experience is known as astrology. It is founded on the notion that a correlation exists between celestial motions and arrangements and the happenings in human existence.

The Different Types of Astrology

Diverse methodologies exist within astrology, each distinguished by a unique approach to interpreting celestial movements and placements.

Among the most prominent varieties are the following:

  • Western Astrology: Enjoying widespread usage in the Western world, this variant bases its system on the tropical zodiac, comprising twelve even segments, each bearing the name of a distinct constellation.
  • Vedic Astrology: Originating in India, this ancient form of astrology utilises the sidereal zodiac, aligning itself with the actual positions of the planets and stars.
  • Chinese Astrology: Based on the lunar calendar, this type of astrology predominates in China and other regions of East Asia.
  • Mayan Astrology: This ancient Mesoamerican astrological system draws inspiration from the Mayan calendar and leverages a twenty-day sign sequence and thirteen galactic numbers to forecast future events.

What is an Astrologer?

An astrologer, a practitioner of the ancient art of astrology, is an individual who harnesses their deep understanding of celestial entities and their motions to divine and anticipates occurrences and characteristics within human existence. By interpreting astrological charts, they dispense direction and counsel about their analysis.

What Services do Astrologers Offer?

Astrologers are professionals who offer a broad range of services to their clients. These services include natal chart readings, relationship readings, predictive readings, and electional astrology.

  • Natal Chart Readings are an essential component of astrology. It is a comprehensive chart that maps the positions of celestial bodies at the time of a person’s birth. Astrologers utilise this chart to interpret an individual’s personality, strengths, weaknesses, and potentialities.
  • Relationship Readings are another service offered by astrologers. Astrologers use natal charts to analyse the compatibility between two people. They look at the positions of celestial bodies in each person’s natal chart and compare them to determine how well they complement each other. 
  • Predictive Readings are an astrologer’s way of forecasting events and trends in a person’s life. Astrologers can predict future events based on the positions of the celestial bodies at a specific time. Predictive reading can provide a person with valuable information about upcoming events, opportunities, or challenges, enabling them to prepare and plan accordingly.
  • Electional Astrology is a branch that chooses the most auspicious time for significant events such as weddings, business deals, or surgery. Astrologers use the positions of celestial bodies to determine the most favourable time for a particular event. By choosing the right time, individuals can increase their chances of success and avoid potential difficulties.

How to Choose an Astrologer?

If thou art a fledgling in the expansive realm of astrology, the onus of selecting an astrologer may be daunting. To mitigate the complexity, harken to these pointers:

  • Validate Credentials: Examine the astrologer’s qualifications and scrutinise whether they possess certificates or accolades from reputable institutions. It may serve as a barometer of their proficiency and dedication to their craft.
  • Examine Reviews: It is judicious to peruse the testimonials of former patrons to get a sense of the astrologer’s proficiency. Seek reviews or testimonials on their website, social media pages, or third-party review sites to obtain insight into the experiences of others.
  • Compatibility: It is imperative to discover an astrologer who is amenable to thy personality, values, and beliefs. You will want to feel comfortable sharing personal information with someone, so choosing someone you trust is important.
  • Pricing: Astrology services may fluctuate in price, and it is essential to weigh the astrologer’s rates and compare them with other astrologers in your vicinity. Remember that higher prices do not necessarily indicate better services and vice versa. Find an astrologer who offers reasonable rates and provides good value for their services.

Are Astrologers Legitimate?

The authenticity of astrology remains a matter of individual conviction. Though the claims of astrologers lack empirical evidence, their offerings hold significance for many. One must perform their investigation and exercise prudence in deciding whether to engage an astrologer’s services.


The domain of astrology has bewitched individuals globally for centuries, with practitioners continuing to offer their services to date. Whether one holds scepticism or belief towards astrology, it’s arduous to disregard its ubiquitous impact on our contemporary culture. If you possess a curiosity for delving into the boundless cosmos of astrology, allot some time for delving into thorough research and searching for an adept astrologer who can aptly cater to your requisites.

By Cary Grant

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