A motorcycle is an excellent tool for getting around: it consumes little fuel, occupies less space than a car when parking on public roads, it does not cause more vehicular traffic, among other advantages…

That is why its use has become popular in many cities around the world, including Mexico City.

But for it to function optimally and for a long time, it must be constantly maintained, like a car. 

In addition, a motorcycle preventive service is, on average, cheaper than that of other larger vehicles.

The times of each service depend on each brand and are established every certain time or mileage traveled.

These are the main aspects that you must consider to guarantee the optimal functioning of your motorcycle:


As we have already analyzed before, engine lubrication is essential for its optimal operation.

Motorcycles have two mechanisms to check the oil level: a porthole or the traditional dipstick.

The first is a round glass window, and the second works just like a car window.

If the window looks empty, obviously, the level is low. In the case of the dipstick, it is attached to the tank cap.

To measure, you must remove it, clean it and reinsert it. If the level is below the notch, it needs to be changed.

You should also make sure that the oil is not burned since, this way, it loses its addictive properties.

If you detect that the motorcycle consumes oil excessively, it may indicate a more serious fault.


Many motorcycles today are powered by a chain drive. This requires special maintenance.

The basic care of this attachment is that it is always well oiled and has the correct tension.

To measure this last parameter, you can pull it up or down; if it moves back about an inch, the tension is correct.

In case it moves more or less, you can easily adjust it by tightening the tensioning screws located at the end of the swingarm.


Brakes play an important role in ensuring your safety on your motorcycle.

Therefore, it is vital to make sure that the entire system works optimally.

On a disc brake, you can easily check the level of wear on the pads where the rim meets the frame.

If the pads are too worn, you should replace them. Check the system regularly so as not to damage the disks.

If you don’t change the linings or pads on a regular basis, as with a car, the discs are scratched, and the repair is more expensive; in addition, you reduce the effectiveness of the braking system.

You should also check the level of the fluids that lubricate the system and check that the system is not leaking.

Remember that the deposits are smaller than those of a traditional car, so they run out more quickly.

In the event that the brakes are drum brakes, then you must adjust the cable tension until they respond adequately to the tension that you exert on the device with which you brake.

With this same procedure, you can verify that the clutch system also works correctly; it does not matter if it is hydraulic or mechanical.


An optimally functioning machine must be clean, especially a motorcycle, as many of its parts are exposed to the environment.

Due to its size and design, washing the engine is much easier than washing a car.

However, you should consider the following: use little water, mild soap and, if you prefer, a toothbrush, to clean more deeply.

It is also recommended that you do not use pressurized water as you could disconnect or damage a circuit.

The best thing is a bucket with water and soap that is not very aggressive because it could damage the chrome or the paint.

It is also not convenient to carve with a scourer. It is preferable to soak and let the dirt soften.

When you’re done, walk around in it for a while to let the machinery dry out before parking it again.

Once it dries, you should grease the chain with a specific grease spray.

The ideal is to grease it when it is hot, roll it a little, and grease a little more.

Another important cleaning measure is to change the air filter, ideally every 10,000 kilometers, as it prevents dirt from entering the engine.

If you drive on dirt roads, you should replace the filter more frequently. 


If the engine is cooled with antifreeze and not with air, you should check that the reservoir has enough.

At a minimum, you must have a half-full tank. If necessary, you can supply it yourself.

Just consider two things: do not mix antifreeze of different colors because it loses its properties and, most importantly, never open the tank cap when the engine is hot, or you can suffer serious injuries.


Because a motorcycle is more “fragile” and smaller than a car, you are more at risk of accidents.

Therefore, you must ensure that the entire lighting system works properly.

If your headlight burns out, you’ll notice right away, but you should check your taillights and turn signals.

It may happen that they are founded, and since you do not see them, you ignore that they are no longer useful.

This is very dangerous, as driving without lights prevents other vehicles around you from seeing you or knowing what movements you will make.


Optimum tire function is key to better engine performance and, most importantly, your safety.

The basic revision is in the drawing of the tires. If it is worn, it will lose grip on the surface and increase the possibility of skidding, especially on wet ground.

You should also know what the ideal tire pressure is and check that they are inflated correctly.

If this does not happen, you will force the engine and the tires, you will consume more fuel, and above all, they will not respond the same to emergency braking.

Don’t over-inflate them either, as they could burst.

Try to have basic equipment to temporarily cover a puncture so you can take it to be repaired without losing pressure.

If you can’t do it, loosen the valve, push it into the tire and now, yes, drag it to the vulcanizer.


Although it is not a mechanical accessory, a helmet is vital to be able to circulate safely.

Among other aspects, you must be sure (a) that the material with which your helmet is made is suitable for high-speed impacts.

You should also have two helmets, in case you have passengers.

You must adjust it properly when you put it on and have a lens that protects your eyes from the earth.


This accessory expires according to the use you give to your motorcycle and the maintenance of the battery.

The basic check on a battery is that it has enough water to support the chemical reaction that produces electricity.

Many mechanics indicate that the moment it starts to fail, it’s best to replace it. However, others claim that recharge can extend its lifespan a little longer.

The average life of a motorcycle battery is around two years. 


  • Check that the suspension is properly lubricated so that the system responds adequately to potholes, unevenness, or bumps
  • The service life of the chain is 30 thousand kilometers. It is best to check that it works well every year
  • The spark plugs have a durability that varies between 6 thousand and 12 thousand kilometers to avoid problems with starting
  • With new motorcycles, perform the service indicated by the manufacturer in the indicated time
  • Drive carefully and go to the mechanic if you notice any failure or strange noise


Another way to take care of your motorcycle is by taking out motorcycle insurance that protects it from the risks to which it is exposed.

Remember that in Mexico City and several others in the country, as well as on federal highways, it is mandatory to have civil liability insurance.

This coverage protects you against damage that you could cause to a third party, to their property, or to their person.

You can also cover it against material damage such as a crash or problems caused by some meteorological phenomenon and against theft.

Motorcycle insurance also has other coverage, such as a roadside assistance service and legal defense expenses.

We have a simple and friendly quote in which you can check the cost of your insurance in three easy steps.

We also associate with recognized insurers in the Mexican market with special conditions.

Therefore, we can offer you attractive discounts that reach up to 45%, and you can download your policy in a few minutes.

Be one of the more than 65 thousand users who have already benefited from our service.

By Cary Grant

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