How to overcome the fear of speaking the English language

English Language

Are you fearing of speaking the English language in front of others? After reading this blog, you will be able to overcome your fear, and you will be able to speak the English language fluently everywhere you want.

Learning the English Language is the dream of every second individual whose native language is not English. However, they somehow manage to learn it but hesitate to speak it clearly while interacting with their friends, teachers, relatives, and family members.

So, if you are also one of them facing problems expressing your English-speaking abilities in front of others, here are some easy solutions for you.

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Identify your fear

First, you should examine yourself where you are lacking. You can overcome your fear better if you could know it. Take a closer look at your abilities and then evaluate your skills. If you think that you might forget all the vocabulary while presenting a topic, then you are wrong. Just be confident.

Practice alone

If you face a problem while speaking in English in public, you should practice it alone while you are in your room. Stand in front of the mirror, say what your heart wants to speak out. Record your sound, and then play that record at the end. You will find your mistake in pronunciation, tone, etc. Then, again practice the same until you commit no mistake. Also Pashto Course.

Use informal language

Before using the formal English language, you should use informal language. If you use formal language directly, it will be hard for you. So, using the informal English language will give you confidence and make your track easier.

Joining the language learning community

This is the best practice of learning any language to remain in the company where they speak the language you want to learn. So, spend most of your time in the company of those who speak English. In that environment, you can learn it very efficiently. It will be better if you can find a group of native speakers. Once you get to speak fluently, you will not hesitate to speak it frankly.

Do more study

While learning any new language, you should not stop in your current position. Do more study to upgrade yourself with the demand of the day. Here, we discuss the overcoming of problems in speaking fluent English. So, listen to as many English speeches, songs, watches movies, and listen to podcasts.

Speak slowly

While speaking the English language, speak slowly to improve your accuracy level. If you speak more accurately, you will be more able to speak without hesitation. When you use correct words, people will be more likely impressed with you.

Avoid thinking over your mistake

No one is perfect in learning and then speaking any language that is not native. So, if you are committing mistakes, do not waste your time thinking over the mistake. It will lower your confidence level, and you will not be able to speak it in front o the public.

Keep talking

If you are talking in English with your friends are colleagues, and suddenly you forget some vocabulary, then at that time, don’t stop talking, and continue your communication. It will boot up your confidence level.

Use new words

It is very good practice to use new words which you learn daily. Whenever you learn a new word or sentence, try to use that in your conversation while speaking English. Using new words daily will also widen your English vocabulary and enable you to overcome your fear of speaking the English language.


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