IT Services: What They Are And Benefits For Businesses

IT services are today an added value that can concretely help a business achieve objectives, providing exactly what the company needs. Online technology, in fact, is not supported as an end in itself, but can offer a real and tangible contribution : you just need to choose the right and actually useful services.

So let’s see what the main IT services are and how to choose them.

What are IT services

IT services are IT systems provided that are able to facilitate, streamline, speed up and make business processes reliable, allowing for savings in human and economic resources.

In concrete terms, they are all hardware, software, processing, storage, network resources and in general any service provided by a company to its users , such as Cloud storage or personalized access to applications.

How can these services be best managed and implemented?

A useful solution is to rely on IT Service Management, or ITSM, procedures , which involves an active role of suppliers in the administration and maintenance of the network and infrastructure.

IT services are therefore technological resources with which to solve business or organizational problems, lightening the workload and at the same time allowing an increasingly rapid and solid digital transformation .

Here are the main advantages

  • Choosing services provided by a supplier means first of all drastically reducing management costs , given that it is not necessary to purchase and administer the infrastructure, but it is sufficient to pay for the services actually used.
  • Furthermore, you can count on extensive scalability and ensure that the IT resources used are always optimized and updated without having to make further investments.
  • In this way you solve the problem of having technologies that are soon obsolete, equipping your business with only the best technology possible.
  • Another important advantage is the possibility of making the entire company IT department more agile : the internal technical team is relieved of numerous tasks, being able to concentrate its energies on the innovation of business processes oriented towards digital transformation.
  • In short, IT helpdesk services for business prove to be precious with which to achieve business objectives better and more quickly , positively impacting ROI (Return On Investment) and the results and performance of individual processes and operational departments.
  • IT Services lighten a company’s workload, helping to achieve business objectives and promoting digital transformation.

What are the IT services most requested by companies?

Among the numerous IT services available on the market, which are the most useful for meeting business needs?

Among the most requested services we find:
Cloud Services: 

Necessary to process large amounts of data thanks to sophisticated software and powerful calculation and processing capacity. This is where the Cloud Computing service comes from , which represents a valid alternative to local data management and processing systems.

Business Continuity: 

Tailor-made strategies necessary to guarantee business continuity – in terms of productivity, operations, services and image – even in the event of breakdowns or unexpected events of any nature.

Disaster Recovery: 

Set of operational, logistical and organizational actions and strategies with which a company can regain control of its IT infrastructure following a forced interruption of the systems.

IT outsourcing: 

Allows you to entrust the execution of a task or the management of the entire IT infrastructure to an external team.

Backup and data recovery: 

Important to guarantee recovery of data and files if necessary, safeguarding their confidentiality.

Operating system restore: Allows you to undo any changes you make to an operating system, returning system files, settings, programs, and more to their original condition.

Network management: 

Identify the technologies and hardware components most suitable for the business, install and configure them.

Monitoring and assistance: 

Constant monitoring of equipment and applications and immediate technical intervention in the event of faults, malfunctions, unexpected events or problems of various types.

Server infrastructure management: 

Creation of virtual environments and configuration of company servers.


Removing viruses or other threats and adopting sophisticated defense systems to protect your network, data and infrastructure.

How to choose the right supplier

Today, there are numerous IT service providers capable of offering an interesting and varied offer.

  1. First of all, it is essential to do a preliminary analysis of the needs and objectives of your company , outlining the actual needs and thus understanding which services you really need. In this way you can discard offers that are not in line with your expectations and move towards the most suitable proposals.
  2. It is also useful to rely on a supplier who provides an efficient assistance service , avoiding problems and interruptions in productivity in the event of emergencies and unforeseen events. In fact, there are many who offer constant 24-hour support , allowing companies to always be able to count on timely and immediate solutions in times of difficulty.

Furthermore, some providers assign technical staff who can act directly on site and it is therefore advisable to evaluate whether they can be a useful resource for resolving system malfunctions.

Finally, it is important to choose a supplier who is present and attentive to the management of the infrastructure. Prevention is better than cure and it is therefore useful to rely on a reactive provider who regularly takes care of periodic checks and maintenance .

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