20 Best Paid Survey Apps

20 Best Paid Survey Apps


You’ve probably heard of the amazing survey app called Slidejoy, but for those unfamiliar with the app, here’s what you need to know. Slidejoy is an easy-to-use app that pays users for downloading the app.

A cool feature is that you don’t necessarily need to take surveys before you can earn money with Slidejoy.

This is how the app works; when you download Slidejoy, ads automatically appear on your phone for use. You can choose to do something with these ads. You can swipe left to learn more, up to see another card, or right to use your phone normally. Incredible isn’t it?!

Users earn between $5 and $15 per month for downloading slidejoy, you certainly can’t get less from the app. Remember that you don’t necessarily need to engage the ads to earn money, just download the app and you earn monthly. You can use slidejoy with the other top-paying surveys listed below.


Ebates is one of the highest-earning survey apps. The app can be downloaded to your smartphones via Google Playstore or Apple iOS. Ebates offers many amazing features, including earning money.

With Rebates, you can get up to 40% cashback whenever you shop online at any of the 1,800 participating retailers listed on the website.

Also, users earn up to $50 commission for recommending two people to download the app. The payment method for rebates is quite different as users get paid once every 3 months. Payment is made either by PayPal or by bank account.

You can also choose to donate your money to charity, as the app has a feature that allows this.

Swag Bucks

Swagbucks should probably take the top spot on this list, being arguably the most popular survey app.

Members earn well from the app to perform simple and fun activities like; completing simple online surveys, performing web searches, watching short videos, participating in daily polls, and finding promotional codes.

You get points called SB for doing the above activities and when you reach the minimum payout balance, you can redeem your earnings as a gift card or cash through Paypal.

Swagbucks is one of the highest-earning survey apps dropping about one hundred million dollars ($1000000) in rewards to users since its inception.

Now, what are you waiting for? Download the app and join the growing list of Swagbucks earners. Learn more about the app at www.swagbuks.com


iPoll is another high-paying survey app that you should consider downloading. There is amazing free stuff you can get for downloading the app as well as earning surveys. Also, I recommend you to read our article on 13 places where you can get gifts on your birthday

Users earn a lot on iPoll for completing short surveys that take 15-20 minutes. After downloading the app.

You will be asked to give details about yourself, such as your name, age, and gender, among others, so that the application knows which type of survey to refer to.

After that, you would start taking surveys to earn money. I’ve heard that most surveys will pay $1 when completed, but I’ve also heard of a few that pay up to $10.

After taking a few surveys and winning up to the minimum threshold of $35, you can redeem your winnings for gift cards or cash.


Pact is an app that I recommend to my friends for obvious reasons aside from the money they have to earn. It is a health-related app that rewards users for making pacts.

Here’s how it works; users can set a pact (goal) to perform exercises or eat healthily and track their progress through the app after downloading and feeling their information.

I heard that you can earn up to $5 per week for completing a set pact, but when you fail to meet a set pact, you will have to pay the set pact. Your activities are verified and tracked by GPS, photos, and other services.

Poll Junkie

Survey Junkie is another app you should check out. The app is one of the most trusted and popular, with over ten million members at the time of writing.

There are different surveys that you can complete on the app and your opinions would be used to improve product partner brands.

You earn points for completing surveys on the app. Additionally, you can earn points by referring new members. These points are redeemed for cash when you reach the minimum payment balance of 1000 points, which equals $10.

Learn more about the app via the  Survey Junkie website.


Mypoints is another high-paying survey app that rewards users for completing activities such as taking surveys and searching the web, among other online tasks.

The application is open to young people from 13 years old. More so, after completing enough tasks to reach the minimum payout, you can redeem your winnings for cash or gift cards. 

Harris Poll

Harris Poll is another poll app that lets people as young as 13 earn money. The app has features similar to other top-paying survey apps.

However, a unique feature of the Harris Poll apart from earnings is the user interface, which is very beautiful and easy to use. I recommend this app to people who are looking to earn money in their free time.

Harris Poll

Panel station

Panel Station is one of the highest-paying survey apps. The survey includes both website and app surveys, so you can choose to take the survey at home or on the go.

The website was established a few years ago and currently has over 3 million members at the time of writing. The survey you would do on this site varies depending on what the brands want you to know about their products.

A survey on Panel Station can earn users up to 5000 points, although there are surveys that pay as little as 3000 points. Your earnings will be ready to use when you exceed the minimum of XNUMX points.

panel station

Zep Polls

Zap Surveys has to be one of the highest paying surveys. There are several reasons why I recommend people to use this survey website.

Zap Survey is known for donating to a charity which makes it the best charity survey app.

Additionally, users are guaranteed to earn $6 with their first survey and there is much more to be won with subsequent surveys. Payment with Zap surveys is via PayPal or a gift card. Visit the site to find out more

App Trailers

This app simply pays you to watch trailers of new movies. These trailers are usually 30 seconds long and you earn 500 points for each trailer you watch. The 500 points are equivalent to 50 cents.

You can also earn money on the app by uploading short videos and getting likes. Payment is made by PayPal or a gift card.


There is a new app on the Horizon. To earn money using this app, all you have to do is take pictures of your favorite and share them on social media.

To get started with the loot, download the app from the iOS or Android stores, and sign up by filling out a simple form.

Your earnings with Loot depend on your level of activity with the app. The minimum payout balance is $10 and withdrawal is via Paypal.

Catch Points

Grab points give you a platform to earn money by doing activities like answering surveys, watching short video clips, and testing apps among other activities.

Moreover, the app is one of the best-paid survey apps for many reasons including the $3 minimum payout balance.

This is different from most other sites which require users to earn a minimum of $5-$10 before they can cash out.

Spirit Swarms

Mindswarms is one of the highest-earning survey apps. The app pays members after conducting a video survey.

Users are invited to make a 10-minute video, testing the products of partner brands. The app is a way to go if you are daring enough and not camera shy. Users are paid up to $50 for every 10-minute survey they complete.

Visit the Spirit Swarms to learn more. For more on apps that pay you to test products, check out 11 Getting Paid to Text Online


Mobile ranks among the best apps to download if you want to earn money.

Users earn between 150 points ($1.50) and 3,000 points ($30) for each completed mission.

Surveys on the go

Survey on the go is one of the highest-earning survey apps. The app pays you for completing surveys on broad topics including sports, technology, education, and many more. Start by downloading the app to your smartphone. 

The payout for each survey ranges from 25 cents to $5. You can also cash out via PayPal or a gift card.


Earn money with the Shopkick app.

This app offers quite a different way to earn money.

First, it shows you popular products and rewards at popular retailers and kicks you (points) for getting through the door.

The also gives you more opportunities to scan items and even more to make purchases.

Tap Cash Rewards

Tap Cash Rewards is one of the best-paid survey apps. The country members app for performing simple tasks including; downloading new apps, playing games, watching short video clips, etc.

After earning a lot on the app, you can redeem your money with PayPal cash or a gift card.

Google Opinion Rewards

This app is especially for Android users. If you are using an android phone and want to earn some extra cash then you should think about downloading this app.

Google occasionally sends you surveys and rewards you for your response.

Slot Machine

This app pays members for performing simple and fun tasks such as; watching short videos and downloading amazing new apps.

Money Machine completes our list of the best-paid survey apps.

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