Link Building to Promote Product Visibility

A product has to be made visible in order that it attracts the attention of potential buyers, is read about, gets interactions and being bought. Products are of many types which include those products that are readily bought on getting seen and those products that get sold only after several exposures through images, articles, blogs, videos, reviews, testimonials, case studies, infographics and more.

We will see how your product’s visibility can be enhanced through Link Building and how its sales can be boosted. To Buy Backlinks Canada, check here.

Find the Business & Niche Directories to List your Products

The best sources of business information within a city or category are the Business & Niche Directories. These Directories act as the classified catalogueof  business information on products and services and gets retrieved in search engines for matching search terms,  phrases and keywords. So, list your products and websites in the relevant Local, Regional, National, Global and Niche Directories in order that they organize your product details in an orderly fashion under the right categories and get found easily through search engines and within these Directories. Moreover, the backlinking URLs lead the users and customers to your website and Ecommerce pages and let those users and customers to buy your products.

List your Business & Products in Review Websites

There are various Review Sites in general and niche categories where bloggers and writers post reviews and ratings about the products, and in most of the Review Websites backlinks are given to the product’s website. These Review Sites not only build your Online Brand Reputation and thus help boost your product sales, but also help in getting product visibility, and generating valuable and relevant customers to your website enabling you to get continuous website traffic, and increased product visibility and conversions.

List your Business & Products in Trade Publications

Online Trade Publications are excellent third-party tools and platforms to get your product visibility from your trade or industry. For example, if your selling packaged food products and your focus is on both business and consumer markets, listing your products in an Online Food Industry Publication will gain the attention of wholesalers, dealers, distributors, retailers, exporters, importers, Ecommerce giants, small time entrepreneurs, potential start-ups, and even consuming public who get to see the publication’s web pages through Google search, editorials, news outreach, cross channel mentions, reference websites, email newsletters, etc. So, list in the relevant Trade Publications with detailed descriptions of your products and business profile to get properly indexed in search engines and thus get tremendous but quality product visibility.Learn More about

Publish & Promote Explainer Videos in YouTube Channel

Make Explainer Videos about your products benefit-wise, feature-wise, use case-wise, segment-wise and market-wise and publish them in your YouTube channel with the apt titles, matching keywords and great descriptions about the video contents. You will get thunderous visitors on your videos through YouTube search and through backlink clicks huge traffic to your product pages in your website.

Do Guest Blogging in Relevant & Niche Sites

You can exchange your product content for quality backlinks from Guest Bloggers in relevant and niche websites and increase your product visibility in your website.

Promote Your Products Listed in Ecommerce Websites

Pick all the relevant and popular Ecommerce websites and list your products there under the suitable categories. For enhanced visibility, you can even opt for Featured Listing, Promoted Products, Sponsored Posts and Ads. You can use affiliate sites and affiliate content promoters and bloggers to promote your Ecommerce product listings and enhance their visibility. You may even promote your website through SEO through proper keywords and backlink to your Ecommerce product listings and get more visitors to land at your Ecommerce product pages to view and buy your products.

Participate in Live Audio Discussions & Promote your Links

You can participate in Audio Discussions and Chat Rooms and promote your products and business by interacting with industry leaders, business owners, consumer groups and the general public. Popular among the Audio Chat Rooms is Club House App where you can promote your products through voice and get the audience from around the world to talk, listen and interact with your product links and images.

Improve & Change your Product Page in Website Constantly

By improving and changing your product descriptions and content in your website, you are in fact offering your web users new information as well telling Google and other search engines that you have something new for their bots to crawl your product web pages and offer updated content for the search engines users. This helps in getting top results in Google, more people check your web content and more visibility for your products.

Optimize Your Social Media Outreach

By programmatically optimizing your social media outreach and by constantly increasing your social network and group audiences, you can get quality users and target audiences to click your social media posts and link to your product web pages thereby increasing product visibility, engagements and conversions. Optimizing your Social Media activities involve having a perfect Social Media profile page, maintaining the brand image, publishing quality posts at regular intervals, audience aggregating, using hashtags, and if necessary, using their Advanced Features, Sponsored Posts and Ads.


Increasing the visibility of your products is key to the success of your business venture because visibility is the first step to marketing success of your products. By effectively using the appropriate methods and strategies in Link Building, you can promote your products well enough to get tremendous visibility, interactions, Call-To-Action (CTA) fulfilments and sales conversions and achieve all your product related Link Building objectives. To make things possible and easy, all that you have to pay close attention to are perfect implementation and intricate details like target audience, better brand management, quality of your activities and creative posts, content and marketing funnel management, backlinks and linking pages, proper Call To Actions, right platforms, perfect campaign timings and seasons, proper keywords and phrases, appropriate titles and descriptions of your products’ content, appropriate ad budgets, etc.

By Cary Grant

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