4 ways in which to Use Box Dividers in Packaging

Does your product got to be organized showing neatness in your box? Use this guide for inspiration in boxes and packaging divisors, for what they’re appropriate, the distinction between plastic divider, cardboard, and cardboard and the way to guard fragile product whereas utilizing all the house obtainable optimally in your packaging.

Box divider not solely separates numerous varieties of product in a very package, custom bottle boxes however also can defend your product. If your product is in a very fragile package, this box partition will stop them from being damaged or broken. Partition box additionally maximizes the house obtainable within the box by permitting many product to be sent within the same package.

In addition, box divider will assistance is once calculative inventory. Maintaining all inventory within the individual box divider will facilitate track things in your packaging.

Box divider material

The box divider should be durable in nature and may stand alone. Here area unit the foremost common varieties of materials for box divider:

Corrugated cardboard divider – The inner furrowed half (eg. Flute) makes this divider thicker and higher if you wish to feature a bit bearing to guard your product on the manner.

Paperboard divider – this kind of divider is diluent as a result of it doesn’t have a jolty layer, however it’s terribly appropriate for separating light-weight things in boxes sort of a folding cardboard box.

Plastic box divider – this can be typically used for food product like biscuits or chocolate.

In the end, if your product is additional fragile and heavier, opt for a jolty box divider.

How to use a box divider in packaging

Here area unit five ways in which of your business you’ll use a box partition in your package.

1 – box divider for wine bottles

Naked wine box divider in shipping cardboard


If you’ve got ever ordered a bottle or brewage to be sent to your home, you may have accepted it in a very shipping carton with a box divider to separate every bottle. as a result of these bottles area unit typically created with glass, they’re additional fragile and at risk of harm throughout transit. that’s why most corporations prefer to use a furrowed box divider to guard glass bottles on the manner.

2 – Box divider for fragile accessories

Christmas Ornaments in Box Dividers


For accessories or fragile objects, like Christmas ornaments, think about using a bubble box divider wrapping each item (which isn’t environmentally friendly). you’ll have fragile accessories that have a couple of variations in type, and divider offers you additional leeway to make sure your product is appropriate within the divider (different from the special box insert that’s cut within the form of your product). For one thing fragile sort of a Christmas ornament, the box divider ensures that your product won’t scratch or break on the manner.

3 – box divider for subscription boxes

Sub -checkpoint with divider

custom rigid boxes wholesale You may have a subscription box business wherever you send totally different product each month. otherwise you might need some core product that you just send each month beside alternative things.

One way to make sure your subscription box is ready and therefore the product doesn’t fly within the box is to use a box divider. you’ll regulate the scale of every compartment in your divider that most closely fits your product. does one need the divisor to be divided vertically 50/50 in your box or 20/80, the selection is yours!

4 – box divider for food

Box divider for donuts


If you prefer the afters (who doesn’t?), you may have bought a box of chocolate or 0.5 a dozen sinker boxes to be spoiled. Most of the time, you may not even see the partition box up the center of chocolate or donuts that area unit superbly adorned.

Box divider not solely prevents food product from each other, they’re additionally vital in serving to you manage your product, particularly if you’ve got a combination.

By Cary Grant

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