Cheap health insurance in Florida

Cheap health insurance in Florida

Cheap health insurance in Florida comes from the hand of Obamacare. Choosing your plan correctly can save you thousands of dollars a year in health care.

The government assigns each family a credit to pay part or all of their insurance, depending on family income. These subsidies allocated through the Insurance Market allow people with low incomes to have health coverage. With cheap health insurance in Florida, you will have excellent coverage at affordable prices.

These cheap insurances accept people with any medical condition or pre-existing illness.

How to access cheap health insurance in Florida?

At Braojos Insurance, we make a very simple pre-qualification, and if you qualify for the Obamacare credit, we quote you the best health insurance plans in Miami. Then, with our advice, you choose your health plan. Anyone who qualifies for this government subsidy can have cheap health insurance in Florida.

Remember that you must Enroll in Obamacare from November 1st to December 15th. If you are already enrolled, you must renew your health coverage on these exact dates and review the new plans and prices.

What are the cheap health insurances in Florida?

For 2021, the companies that agree with the Health Insurance Market to offer cheap health insurance in Florida are Bright Health, Ambetter, Oscar, Florida Blue, and Molina.

How much does cheap health insurance cost in Florida?

Prices range from $0 to $100, depending on age, income, area, and type of plan chosen. For example, if you are 50 years old, and a Bronze plan costs you $500 per month, depending on your income, you could be left paying $40 out of pocket for your health insurance. The Federal Government produces the remaining 450 USD.

Other cheap health insurance alternatives

If you don’t qualify for cheap health insurance, know that there are alternatives for your health. Florida’s licensed Prepaid Health Clinic (PHC) discount medical plans have solved a significant problem in the community. The monthly cost is affordable for everyone, 49.99 per month, and you have coverage similar to that of cheap medical insurance in Miami, FL.

These health plans guarantee coverage to undocumented people or an income that does not allow them to be eligible. It includes a primary care doctor, specialists, dental plans, vision plans, checkups, and much more. However, health plans are not approved as health insurance in Florida because they do not include emergency or hospitalization benefits.

Medical plans do not have medical emergencies or cover hospitalization, but they do have benefits or discounts on hospital expenses. 

One of the best discount medical plans in Miami is Orange Medical Plan. These and other health solutions in Florida, Miami Dade, Broward, Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Naples; you can find them at Braojos Insurance.

Tips for getting the cheapest health insurance plan

Apply for cheap health insurance during the Open Enrollment Period. You will only be able to apply outside of these dates if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.

Many people are unaware of the price of private health insurance. They think that medical insurance costs from 30 to 60 USD, which is not exactly like that. Know that health insurance without Obamacare subsidy costs from 300 USD per month. However, if you meet the requirements to qualify for Obamacare, with a subsidy from the Federal Government, the price of your insurance would be very low. If you don’t qualify for government insurance, your monthly payments would be very high.

A discount medical plan is an option, but it is not ideal. It is best to apply for health insurance in Miami, as it covers all health situations that arise, including hospitalizations and emergencies.

We recommend that you do not make decisions without first contacting our expert agents in cheap health insurance in Miami so that they can inform you of all the alternatives available to you.

Our agency has Certified Agents who will go hand in hand to guide you whenever you need it, not only when you take out your insurance.

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