How can the days of the week influence your life towards positivity?

life towards positivity


The proper knowledge of the planetary positions helps find a whole new realm of potential growth in a person. Moreover, we can find a continuous flow of energy with the planetary positions and potentials rather than blindly following the regular routine of the week. Simply, the proper knowledge of the astrological bodies serves as the secret way to achieving success and productivity because of the potential gained from the cosmic orbits. 

Monday: Monday is associated with the MoonMoon. The day is associated with the emotions, moods, intuition, and the challenges of life. Many people experience Monday to be the most challenging day of the week. The day is associated with the MoonMoon, and the MoonMoon carries the most unpredictable energy of it on this day. Moreover, we can get lunar fluctuations in lunar energy every Monday. You can improve your day through meditation, dream analysis, relaxation, and calmness of mind. 

Tuesday: Tuesday is associated with the potential of Mars. According to Greek mythology, Mars is considered aggressive in characteristics and was the God of war. Tuesday is the best day of the week to experience determination, effectiveness, and hard work. It is also the best day for new beginnings or taking on new tasks in life. You can plan new strategies and exercise new plans on this day. 

Wednesday: Mercury is the ruling planet of this day. Mercury is associated with communication and self-awareness in highly effective ways on this day. It is also the day of self-perception. You can improve your Wednesday by maintaining a well-communication. You can also make new contacts on this day, and this is the day of positivity. 

Thursday: This day is under the potency and influence of Jupiter. Thursday is considered the most productive day of the week if you are a business professional. It is also evident that Jupiter controls our energy and vitality and also controls our movement through the workforce. Astrologers also believe that Jupiter is the planet of entrepreneurship and expansion. We can easily tune into the most potential power as we move through the day. Thursday is also associated with Social communication, networking, and marketing. You can take on new financial tasks, including the stock market or even checkbook balancing, on this day. You must make the best utilization of this day to make your life more prosperous. 

Friday: Venus is the planet that is associated with this day. The day is known for observing the best positive vibes and energy. It is also the traditional ending day of the working week. Venus is associated with love, affection, comfort, pleasure, and passion. Friday is often a good day for all those working people who have a challenging work schedule trough the whole week. The day is also associated with friendliness and kindness. Interestingly, it is also the most popular day among couples to go for a date at night. It is a day that is associated with love and romance. So, you can make the best use of the day by enjoying the end part of the day with your loved ones. You can also plan a short trip to places where you can find the best motivation and luxurious feel. 

Saturday: The day is symbolic of the energy of Saturn. The day is well known for having stern energy and heavy task for the next week. The day offers the best opportunity for productivity and completing the task with the best mastery. You can spend the best part of the day doing housework, planning for the next week, preparing the schedule for upcoming events, and looking for the backlog of your work. 

Sunday: The day has the vitality and life ruling force of the Sun and is considered the weekend day throughout the world. It is the day associated with leisure and rest. The Sun is the most powerful planet of the day and is associated with our vitality, well-being, and positive vibes. The day is also related to social warmth by spending the best part of the day with friends and family. It is also the day when we can shine, illuminate, express the best thoughts, and collect more positivity. So, make the best use of the day by having fun, taking a rest, gardening, shopping, or cooking. 


So, here is the best astrological significance of the days of the week, according to the astrologers. However, every day offers the best chances to grow more and collect more positive vibes to make your life more prosperous. 

By Master James

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