How Long Does Home Interior and Exterior Paint Job Last?

One of the most effective ways to freshen up your home and enhance its curb appeal is to repaint it with fascinating colors. It gives a fantastic appearance to your home and increases its overall value significantly. In addition, painting your home’s interior and exterior portions can make it look clean for a long time. You feel super energetic and delighted in a newly painted home. Nevertheless, repainting the interior part is not an easy task, and you require a considerable budget to repaint exterior walls. That’s why; you must look for Best Interior Painters Services Toronto to enjoy the desired results.

Also, it is equally important to extend the life of your home interior and exterior paint to avoid unnecessary effort and expenses in the future.

So, what about the longevity of exterior and interior paint? Do they last for an extended period? Or is it necessary for homeowners to repaint their homes after some time? Undeniably, considering professional painting services Toronto is always advantageous as they use top-quality paint that lasts longer on the walls.

Let’s explore more about the longevity of interior and exterior paint for your home and when to repaint your outdated home.

Does Exterior and Interior Home Paint Last Longer or Not?

The longevity of interior and exterior paint entirely depends on some key factors. For instance, Paint quality is one of the key factors that can’t be overlooked at any cost. Besides, surfaces condition also determines if paint lasts longer on the walls or not. Generally, interior paint lasts for 5 to 10 years on the walls considering some primary factors.

The Best Way to Make Your Interior Paint Last Longer

Prep is vital while painting interior portions of your home. You need to take extra care of drywalls and always use primers before finishing. Additionally, utilize top-quality roller, primer, and paint.

Here’s what you need to do for some remarkable results.

  • Clean Your Interior Walls Daily: Generally, your home’s high-traffic areas, including the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, catch more grime and dust. You can use a microfibre cloth to remove dust and debris from these areas more often.
  • Use Corner Guards for the Better Protection of Walls: You can use less-costly corner guards to protect walls better. The great thing about corner guards is that they keep damage and chips to a minimum.
  • Immediately Repair the Damage: Don’t ignore your home’s chipped or damaged area—repair water leakage or related damages to prevent bubbling Paint.

Indeed, working on the instructions mentioned above enhances the longevity of interior paint jobs for an extensive period. However, professional painting services Toronto can make this job easier for you.

The Key to Long-Lasting Home Exterior Paint

If you want exterior paint to stay on the walls for a longer time, you must think about buying quality paint. Generally, acrylic paint lasts longer and reaps satisfactory outcomes compared to oil-based and water-based paints. However, high VOC-off gassing makes oil-based paint a wrong choice for home interior walls.

The exterior paint mostly lasts on the walls for 5 to 7 years as it all depends on weather conditions and the quality of the paint you are using for this purpose. Besides, the premium quality exterior paint costs around $30 per gallon. When you purchase the paint, make sure it meets your requirements and according to your home’s type. For example, you need a different type of paint if your home’s exterior walls are bricks, stucco, or masonry. Conversely, wooden exterior walls require different paint types, and expert painters can better help you.

You are recommended to follow some significant steps for better exterior paint results and longevity.

  • Select a Light Paint Color: Surely, darker shades are trendy these days and absorb sunlight better. But choosing light paint colors enhances the longevity and overall lifespan of the paint on the exterior walls.
  • Dry the paint Properly before the Second Coat: Haste makes waste. It is equally applicable when you paint the exterior walls of your home. Let the paint dry properly before you apply the second coat. You should wait for 18 to 24 hours before the second paint application.
  • Preparation is Mandatory: No denial; the preparation step looks tedious but ignoring it can cause chipping and peeling. You are suggested to scrape exterior walls to remove the peeled area. Also, remove dirt and dust by washing the walls carefully. Moreover, use a primer coat to protect walls from moisture infiltration better.
  • Use Right Tools: Natural bristle paintbrushes and airless sprayers are perfect for exterior paint jobs. Such tools give a smooth appearance to surfaces and make your home look new for years.

Your paint can last for 10 to 12 years on exterior walls if you choose the right tools and opt for premium quality paint. Always prefer Best Interior Painters Services Toronto as it’s another remarkable way to make the paint look fresh on the walls.

Give a Refreshing and Ravishing Look to Your Home with for Best Interior Painters Services Toronto

So, don’t you think it’s simpler to make your home look new and chic for a long time?

Indeed, you can achieve this objective by hiring expert painters.

By Cary Grant

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