How Moving Companies Price Different Types of Moves

How Moving Companies Price Different Types of Moves

Relocation entails varying needs. Moving companies calculate costs distinctly dependent upon job specifics. Let us examine factors like distances, home sizes, timelines and special equipment affecting quotes aligned perfectly with requirements through rate derivations implemented most meticulously. Comprehensive understandings inform balanced moving company budgeting fully aligned properly with individualized needs fulfilled distinctively through logistical supports established definitively.

Local Move Pricing

Nearby city relocations within single trucks are calculated through hourly charges potentially with three-hour minimums established distinctly. Fuel surcharges possibly added particularly for oversized items requiring multiple trips executed most expeditiously through schedules aligned meticulously.

Local Moves

Local moves take place within a set radius, usually 50-150 miles. Moving companies’ price local moves based on hourly rates. They assess mileage, number of movers needed, and estimated hours to complete the job. Expect to pay by the hour for travel time and time spent packing, loading, and unloading. Hourly rates range from $100-300 depending on company size.

Long Distance Moves

For moves over 150 miles, moving companies typically charge by estimated weight. They weigh belongings and provide a price per pound. National carriers charge $3-5 per pound. Expect higher rates for moves requiring ferries, tolls, or remote locations. Ask about additional charges like stops in multiple cities. Fuel surcharges may apply depending on gas prices.

Overseas Moves

International relocations require special handling. Moving companies use volume-based pricing for long-haul moves between countries. Rates depend on the estimated cubic feet/meters needed. Expect to pay $12-20 per cubic foot for overseas container moves. Packing and crating add to costs. Additional fees cover customs paperwork and storage at foreign destinations.

Corporate Relocation Services

Large moving companies offer relocation management for businesses. They coordinate group employee transfers. Pricing covers consolidated household goods shipping, temporary storage, and home marketing assistance. Rates are negotiated upfront based on the services required. Businesses pay a discounted lump sum or fee per employee to streamline the relocation process.

Self-Storage or Pod Moves

For moves not requiring full-service packing, some moving companies rent portable on-demand storage units. Pods or containers hold belongings for transport. Customers pack independently then movers load and deliver the pod. Rates are usually a daily rental fee plus mileage charges to pick up and deliver the pod. Expect to pay $150-500 total.

Packing Services

Moving companies charge hourly or by the box/item for packing labor. Basic packing runs $2-3 per pound. Delicate or fragile items cost more. Wardrobe boxes are $5-10 each. Dish packs are $2-5 depending on the pieces. Ask for supply fees if packing materials are provided. Expect packing to double the estimated moving costs. It’s worth it for valuable or difficult-to-pack items.

Specialty Items

Moving heavy furniture like pianos, safes or pool tables requires special handling. Rates are based on weight and difficulty of transport. Expect surcharges of $100-300 per large item. Artwork, antiques, and collectibles may need custom creating which significantly increases costs. Discuss insurance options for irreplaceable belongings.


Thorough communications through knowledgeable estimating departments aligned properly with comprehensive questionnaires match needs accurately through rate derivations implemented most meticulously and guided aptly by individualized circumstances, scopes, and special requirements matched definitively through logistical support established flawlessly amid expertise accessed distinctively.

By Andrew Parker

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