What must be foreseen to make it possible to travel with a personal vehicle? Let’s start with the fact that it is almost impossible to give an unequivocal answer whether or not an electric scooter is allowed to be transported on an airplane since each airline company dictates its own rules regarding the transport of electric vehicles on lithium ions (Li-Ion) batteries. Also, these requirements may differ significantly even within the same airline (depending on flight directions or characteristics of certain countries’ security requirements).

What is the reason for this controversy over the transport of electric scooters onboard passenger planes? The companies have no complaints about the devices themselves. The only thing that can raise doubts is the presence of lithium-ion batteries, which will surely attract the attention of airport workers when checking your luggage.

Possible options for the conditions of transportation of an electric scooter on an airplane:

  1. You will be allowed to board the plane freely with a battery in your hand luggage (possibly in a special package).
  2. Some airlines accept scooters in their original packaging (with battery) as baggage.
  3. In certain cases, only a low power battery will be allowed on board (the rules are different).
  4. It is possible to ship the battery in a special protective container in the trunk of your flight.
  5. It also happens that a cargo plane sends him such a special box.
  6. Some airlines do not accept lithium salt batteries on board.

But in most cases, to fly freely on vacation with your electric scooter, you just need to remove the battery and pack it in your hand luggage. You may be asked to keep it in a protective bag to prevent short circuits. It is also worth knowing the weight of the battery in advance and taking it into account when collecting the luggage you plan to take into the cabin (to avoid being overweight). To do this, it is necessary to check with the transport company in advance the allowed weight of the luggage transported on board.


How to ride an electric scooter: step by step guide.  Electric scooter how to ride correctly.

Operating an electric scooter in the rain and snow is not an idea for every rider. However, those who have a special love and admiration for wearable technology, prefer extreme driving, maneuverability, and mobility, are always clearly concerned about how not to be separated from technology throughout the year.

An electric bike or electric scooter with an electric motor is a great option for dry and hot climates. To operate a vehicle in the rain and snow, you will have to work hard on additional equipment. However, even with the most intense protection option, the electric scooter will not be able to demonstrate its full power and working potential.

Battery performance is directly dependent on ambient temperature. The most popular lithium-ion batteries are designed for a range down to -10 C (this is best). Lead analogs withstand sudden changes in temperature, but the charge ends quickly.


You do not need any special skills to start using the electric scooter. Any novice user will be able to get up and ride the scooter almost immediately.

To turn on the electric scooter, just press the corresponding button. Most often it is located on the steering wheel or next to the information display. When the scooter turns on, press the special trigger on the steering wheel of the scooter and it will ride. Most of the time, the trigger is located on the right grip.


Before you go on a trip or buy gear, you need to take care of a few things:

  • Evaluate the intended driving style, according to it, choose the power, size and pattern of the wheels. Budget is also worth considering;
  • the age and weight of the cyclist also directly influence the choice;
  • The equipment is selected in a similar way, if skiing is urban and unhurried, ordinary clothing is enough, for long trips it is worth equipping yourself better. By the way, the helmet will not be superfluous in any case;
  • already purchased equipment, you need to adjust, set the seat and steering wheel at a height corresponding to the height;
  • It is worth studying the safety rules, as there are several controversial points for scooter drivers.


This indicator must be taken into account when displaying transport components. The hands must be placed in such a way that there is no excessive tension in the shoulder girdle, they must rest freely, without tension.

Some models are not equipped with steering column adjustments. In this case, you should immediately choose the optimal design.


The equipment includes:

  • helmet;
  • elbow pads;
  • kneepads;
  • gloves;
  • back protection.

The helmet will allow you to fall safely at any speed, it is vital for scooter models capable of accelerating more than 30-40 km / h. For example, when renting electric scooters, we always ask our customers to use the correct accessories and ammunition.

The knees and elbows, in this case, are the support points, on which the landing usually occurs. To avoid abrasions and bruises, it’s best to invest in a full set of equipment.

Back protection is a serious precaution, but it’s overkill for comparatively slow models. However, if your scooter can accelerate to more than 40-50 km/h, it can also be very useful. It is important to buy back protection if you are on the road. In this way, a simple “turtle” or even overlays worn on the backpack from the side adjacent to the back are suitable.


There are three main ski areas:

  • urban;
  • trick;
  • Out of the road.

The city is characterized by high-quality roads, a minimum of obstacles. At the same time, you periodically have to maneuver between pedestrians and small obstacles. Even a small and light scooter is suitable for this. For long trips of more than 20 km in one direction, a technique with a seat is useful, it is better to take medium wheels of 10 to 12 inches.

The tricks mean the maximum lightness and maneuverability of the electric scooter. Without seats, the wheels can be as small as 8 inches on average. Be sure to purchase a complete crew set.

According to the traffic rules of the Russian Federation, a person on a scooter is equated with a pedestrian, therefore, driving on the carriageway is allowed only through intersections or specially designated places.

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