Improve Web Traffic through Technology Updates


New technologies and automation give a boon to businesses looking to scale up to compete beter with their counterparts, especially on the digital space. As a Link Builder you have to keep updating and upgrading the technology of your website and digital products to make it robust, agile and more competitive. You can employ all the latest marketing automation tools to schedule posts, do research, understand competitors’ activities, generate keywords, do forecasts, do SEO analyses and measure performances. Updated echnologies and automation make your products rock solid and your efforts simple. The introduction and upgradation of new technologies and automation will make your Link Building process highly efficient and your results phenomenal. Find out about the Best Link Building Services Canada, here.

Do A/B Testing of Web Technologies

Using multiple tools and options, you can do A/B Testing of different technologies that you are planning to employ on a regular and long term basis. Whether it is web technology that you will design your website, create your app, develop your software, run your programme, test your campaigns, do digital marketing activities, undertake marketing research, do marketing forecasts, do marketing automation, do email marketing, do audience study, do content distribution or run  ad campaigns, before implementing it establish its robustness and longevity by understanding the performance of technology or automation process so that you can be sure about using the right technology, platform or process. Contact Us for more information.

Migrate to Emerging Technologies

If the present technology that you are using is found to be obsolete and not performing enough to scale new heights or to compete with your competitors,it  is better that you shun that technology and move to a far better result-producing, responsive, future-stable and resilient technology. You can migrate your entire process to such an emerging technology that has more compatibility with the present-day global standards of web design, social media promotion, ad promotion, ad distribution, content publishing and various types of marketing research and promotion.

Incorporate New Tools in Your Website

To enhance custom responses and interactions, it would be better that you incorporate all necessary tools in your website such as online ROI calculator, calendar, interactive games, URL shortener, instant chart creator, interactive maps, countdown timer, quiz & survey tools, etc. These tools enhance user experience and improve their response rates leading to more click-throughs and interactions on the website resulting in higher ROI for your link building initiatives.

Reduce Loading Speed & User-friendliness

It is important to note that website loading speed needs to be brought down to optimal levels so that search engines give your website top ranking positions on their search results. By improving your website technology, you will not only let search engines index your website and get top results for related search queries, you will make your website user-friendly giving best experience for your website users. Reduction in site loading time and increasing user-friendliness of your website impresses the search engines to pick your site and give a higher rating for your website and highly benefits your users who will find it better to use, easy to navigate and easy and quick to find the information they want. All these improve your SEO score and increase your website’s Link Building advantages.

Ensure Google Compatibility

There are understandably 200 factors that Google algorithm measures a website for to rank it for a search query. So, you, as a Link Builder, have to pay utmost attention to the precise workings of the Google algorithm and make all the necessary changes and improvements in your website so that your website follows the Google algorithm and produces better results in Google search pages.

Ensure Site Versatility through New Technology

Make your site as far possible versatile so that your users and customers will get more for their time spent on your website. To this end, you can provide content comparisons, illustrations, blog articles and much more according to customer expectations and beyond. This way, you can make customers’ experience on your website more interesting, purposeful and beneficial. Moreover, a multifunctional website will have more capability to convert visits into repeat visits in addition to increasing their interest on the content and products displayed, letting them to have a serious look at them and influence them to eventually buy them up. 


As technologies keep changing for website development, social media, marketing automation, web hosting & servers, content management and several more activities, it becomes imperative for companies, brands, freelancers, digital marketers and SEOs to have a re-look at what technology the world is using now and come to grips with reality. Lack of awareness about the technology that are presently in vogue and about their application and use, you will end up losing the battle because you will fail to deliver and grasp the reality. Lagging in technology infuses your business with laggardness and lets you to trail your competitors using emerging technologies in the competitive climate. However, improving and updating your technology will make your website and applications compatible to the technologies that are floating around. 

Having this in mind, make a list of all the applications, websites, tools and software that you are currently using including web designing, graphic designing, video production, video editing, content creation, content distribution, marketing automation, web research marketing, keywords research, web servers, computer hardware, cloud technologies, offline software, accounting software, point of sale software, IoT applications and all those digital technologies and applications and check their compatibility and competitiveness with the present trends and technologies. Then make all the amendments necessary keeping in view your present and future requirements. The best idea is to not reacting after finding your technologies,apps and devices incompatible, unproductive or redundant but being proactive to be ready with advanced technologies ahead of the competition and the industry as far possible to make your website, software, digital ventures, properties and campaigns produce dream results for your SEO, Link Building and business ROI.

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