7 Secrets That You Don’t Know About Panasonic Phone Systems

Panasonic Phone Systems

Many businesses use Panasonic phone systems because of their essential features. They are the perfect choice for companies with geographically diverse office locations. They help to connect employees and consumers. Moreover, they come with 24 programmable keys, a digital duplex speakerphone, an alphanumeric display, and 4 levels of adjustable LCD contrast. Their other features include call log, caller ID, multi-language LCD support, 2 Ethernet ports, and a multi-angle tilt body. They also allow users to do up to 8 party conference calling. These phones are compatible with Bluetooth via the XK-NT307 adapter. They are essential means of communication for various companies, including healthcare, insurance, and others. 

There are various telephone systems in the market, and they may come with different features. In the case of Panasonic phone systems, you don’t know various things. When you want to buy this phone or already have bought it, you should know their secrets. Certain essential things about these telephone systems can help pick the best model. Moreover, knowing these things can help you understand if these phones are good for you or not. You can also learn these secrets to get more benefits from them. Following are some essential secrets about these phones that you don’t know before. 

Call Conferencing With Panasonic Phone Systems: 

If you have a business, you may have to arrange different conferences for specific agendas. Various business meetings are necessary to monitor business performance or deal with other circumstances. We know that different departments are apart from each other. Their heads may not be at one place to join meetings physically. You may have to arrange online meetings via call conferencing in such scenarios. You should know that Panasonic telephone systems offer call conferencing for different businesses. You can easily use them to arrange an online conference and ask your focal persons to join it. Hence, this is a great feature that can enable you to monitor and discuss business performance remotely.

Call Transfer Feature: 

Nowadays, different kinds of phone systems come with the call transfer feature. This feature enables you to receive calls on other contact devices and mobiles. We know that employees may not be available in their seats always. They may be visiting the production house or available somewhere else. Most employees look for phones with a call transfer feature in this scenario. You may be happy to know that Panasonic phones possess this feature. It allows your clients and co-workers to find you when you are unavailable in your office. They can easily reach you via the call transfer feature on your mobiles or contact devices.


Security is an essential requirement for businesses, whether small or big. In the case of phones, they are vulnerable to different cyber-attacks. Different hackers may reach your phones and use them for various malicious activities. Hence, all kinds of phones should have efficient features to tackle this attack. We know that all business partners wish to transact in a safe and secure environment. If you want to limit hackers and other malicious people from reaching your phones, you must consider the use of Panasonic phones. They are cloud-based systems that can help to protect company data. Hence, these systems are perfect for your business as they are covered with firewalls. 

Recording Audio Calls:

There are different meeting types, and companies may have to record their audio for use in the future. Unfortunately, many kinds of phones don’t come with the feature of recording audio. If you have a business and want to record audio during meetings, choose Plantronics phone systems. These systems come with call recording features and possess storage where you can save recorded audio. This feature enables you to record calls for customer retention and satisfaction. This system will create audio files that you can retrieve afterward easily. Moreover, you will be able to share or review these files as per your needs.

Panasonic Phone Systems Display Caller ID:

When people call each other, they want phones to show the caller ID. Do you know about the benefits of showing caller ID? This is a great feature that lets you see who is calling you. In this way, you can easily see if you must pick up the call or not. Moreover, you can transfer the call to the relevant person if required. Hence, you must know that the Plantronics phone comes with the feature of showing caller ID. Therefore, you may see who is calling before picking up a call. 

Bluetooth Feature Offers Flexibility:

Flexibility in any system can offer freedom to employees. Ultimately, it leads to higher productivity which is better for businesses. Therefore, you should know that Plantronics phone systems come with the Bluetooth feature. This lets you stay connected with the base systems whether you are near or away from them. You will also keep talking with the callers while walking into the office. Moreover, this feature helps you perform multiple tasks. Hence, most businesses choose these systems due to their flexibility. 

Speed Dialing:

When you frequently dial the same number, you will realize that the feature of speed dialing is the great one. You need not dial the number again and again. Panasonic telephone systems come with the quality of speed dialing, where you can quickly redial the number with a single button. In addition, you can use phone systems Headsets to listen to your callers without interruption as they can remove the background noise. This feature is suitable for businesses as it can help save time and do more calls in less time.

Panasonic phone systems are the best choice for many businesses because of their unique features. We have described how they are equipped with the latest features and what makes them a perfect solution for different business activities. You must know these secrets and consider these phones for your business to increase your productivity. 

By Master James

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